Monday, December 28, 2015



TurkeyHntr:  Elmer is on OM…. He says we r just waiting our turn, exciting times

SallyPuff:  My good friend is on OM. He texted that the church groups have started. OM is full so I can't get on.

Tex20071:  elmer....on OM.....across the pond friend, been a year of many challenges. Iraq, full of promise, been thru many deaths...average age is 37. Waited forever for their promise. They can NOW star to live their promise.

Tex20071: IKO...on OM....hoping to see Forex trend continue, AIIS App shows 70 + tankers in Gulf just waiting...NIKKEI just opened...Gold doing same thing...


PlatinumRunway:   Someone is using my handle and created a fake twitter account…They are slandering intel people from tnt along with Pam also….RayRen has informed me of this tonight. So if by some chance you come across this in another chat room please pay no attention to whoever this coward is. Thanks and goodnight!

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