Monday, December 14, 2015



Roadrunner :  WELL GUYS, We are looking at Tuesday from what we see and here.. Pray hard..

Iko Ward:  GM all. Oil continuing to slide..34.76. Gold holding at 1170, give or take. Forex being a little stubborn this morning, not moving off 1075.8. Pre-markets are red. US market is anybody's guess. Sit tight.

Iko Ward:  Today will be good. Tomorrow seems to be the day.

elmerf123456 : All indicators and Intel says this is our week. We heard that b4 however, but this just looks and feels very different! Relax and enjoy every moment.

elmerf123456 :the 8 EMA trend, AND the 50 day moving average AND the lower 34,2 Bollinger Band! YES, ALL THREE ! Now, IF you're an investor, that's a really really bad thing.

elmerf123456 : Gold copper silver oil gas all in red.

elmerf123456 : It's going to be a Bad week in the markets IMO.

elmerf123456 : WTI Crude just dipped to 34.75 all markets looking like the color of Tomato Soup.

ALlonghorn :  Elmer Isn't that good for us though?

elmerf123456 : Allonghorn the week is set up for what we seek!

elmerf123456 : BBL. soups hot and gonna get piping hot.

Houston : Did you all see this? To / all licensed banks and money transfer companies and exchange companies (stop processing the dollar) 12/14/2015  http://www.cbi.iq/documents/Announcemen14-12-2015.pdf

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