Tuesday, December 1, 2015



Nomadandboop:  Everyone needs to heed somehing I’ve been saying many years now, if you’re waiting on your ship to come in, make sure you’re not at the airport!!!!
Iko Ward : Just think, a few weeks ago 1080.7 would have had us dancing in the aisles, now it’s like really? Pass the salt.
Blueblaze1962:  I am surprised to see forex saying IQD back to 1165.00….that’s almost exactly where it was months ago….what the heck does that mean….for the last few weeks we have seen positive movement and now back to where it was?? I’m confused?
Olesailor:  blueblaze the forex is a trailing indicator and it is a trading platform. The players are just bouncing it to make money, and lots of it,
Mtnman:  blueblaze IKo said that is a good thing…..forex aligning with CBI
Iko Ward:  Well that was quick. Back to 1165. Somebody made a quick buck. Let’s see what else happens.
Rrrr:  As our lives are about to be changed…. Let’s stop and take a look at the Grand scheme of things. We are here for a reason. The world is emerging from a metamorphosis. We are an important part of this process. We are the butterfly of Love, Compassion and Generosity for the Earth. We will PIF a change to the world…It’s time to change the path of mankind Dinarians. Let us be the Light Workers for all of mankind. This is Truly OUR Moment… Our Place in Time.
Bita:  Can someone answer this question? Why are banks getting ready for the currency exchange, I thought we were going to exchange centers?
Cloudwalker:  Bita, because it’s the banks that run the exchange centers. And when the exchange centers are done serving their purpose, it’s the bank locations themselves that will do the exchanging.
TBirdd:  Bita—the Banks handle the funds for their exchg centers — jmo..
Four2atous:  Old news needs restating( Asian currencies get hammered)=http://www.nationmultimedia.com/business/Asian-currencies-get-hammered​-30268141.html
BuddyDog:  fOREX LOOKS LIKE 6 FLAGS ROLLER COASTER…http://www.forex.tradingcharts.com/chart/US%20Dollar_Iraqi%20

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