Thursday, December 24, 2015



Jrivera99999 :I have a friend who has a contact in a site that is going to do exchanges.  The exchanges were supposed to start last week. I have not heard from him since he went to get an orientation on the process of exchanging.

Zebragirl:   Just received it in a PM and have permission to share with the TNT family:

Zebragirl I can't put myself out there, to many family members and friends part of the Admirals group in Arizona.

Yes, they have received messages in the last 48-72 concerning this popping. I am not a part of that group. What I do know since I was asked to help count Dong they were to take in about 10 weeks ago,done through WF the Exchange rate to them was $1.60 per Dong.

I've seen the paperwork and the messages. The taxes will be taken off the top, it will go through an attorney/paymaster and then to them."

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