Sunday, December 27, 2015



GJHonor:  Elmer saying Monday/Tuesday (on open mic call)

GJHonor:  Elmer said we should all have a Master degree's or BA , I agree .  of all the stuff we have learned through the years

Mangelo:  I was hearing Monday

DrakeChap:  banks dont align til Tuesdays……Mondays are catch up from Friday when our markets close pst. so who knows. I like martha she said 1-1-2016 its a done deal anyway which i said before it iraq becomes sovereign and this goes public

Rxsalesokc:  We must be getting close to the RV finish line. I was told by one of my inside sources that I should keep quiet. Information now is very sensitive. Youngest daughter told me that Mom's about to blow a lid with one more ASN new car for Xmas / New Years Eve promise.. Signing off for now... Lol


[LAS] Elmer on OM says Monday or Tuesday is D-day.

[LAS] Elmer on OM - concerning taxes, prepare for the worst case senario so you can live in the best case senario. [paraphrased]

Grandmaster:  Take as rumor !!!! I got a call from a friend today saying that His contact from a bank told him that it will RV the first of the year.....Dinar $15.00 per dinar.......Take as rumor please!!! and if you don't like it. Tough !! don't read it.l     First time I heard from this contact in over three months.

Doc Savage:  isa Still holding to the pattern?

Isa52bc:  Rate still holding, though the whale rate is in the background tonight (I like our rate better than theirs!!!!!)

Fitzgerald:  ISA.........BUT NOT THE PUBLIC CORRECT??????

Fitzy, I have no idea...I would imagine once this goes public the rate will be out there on all forex platforms and trading just like Kuwait….

Fitzy, right now the published rate is around $360 per $1 usd, but when the hidden screens show for a few minutes it is much better than that for the Zim (both ZWD & ZWL...NO ZWR showing) but even then it isn't wait we want to see yet.

[xyz] FINALLY DEFEATED .... Baghdadi: we are fighting the last war and we lost several regions acknowledged leader of al Daash terrorist named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Saturday, organized by the loss of several areas in Iraq and Syria, the alleged that the organization fighting the last war against his opponents.   https://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translam&sl=ar&u=http://almasalah.com/ar/

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