Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Bruce call: talking about the blessings, didn't get the Christmas blessing, but it will seem like Christmas when it comes.
Bruce call: is excited about some Intel
Bruce call: ok some Intel now....very interesting cross roads...piece together the Intel we get...we haven't receive it yet, we know other countries got some of it
Bruce call: other countries hought by other countries ....but not usave been able to buy stocks from the Iraqi stock market and bonds being bought
Bruce call: * other countries have been able to buy stocks and bonds but not us
Bruce call: we are in a unbelievable 72 hour window
Bruce: Many countries like the Chinese, the BRICS and other world banks in Europe, Australia....they want this to go through...some resistance
Bruce: it's like some of the packages not being able to be delivered....but it's in the pipeline...don't give up
Bruce: You won't see me quit, I have been here now going on the 11 th year
Bruce: we know it's coming!!!
Bruce: everything is good, rates are god and have been locked in since Christmas


Bruce call: Bruce: Bob is going to be guest. This year we did not have the blessing we expected even though we talked about an extended Christmas. We need to consider that possibility. It will seem like Christmas when it does come. I am excited about it and where we are even though it has been difficult to define where we are. Intel segament after prayer time.
Bruce: Info I got today will share in a little bit. I am very encouraged by it. I am still in a good positive faithful mood. Looking forward to an incredible 2016.
Bruce call: Intel now
Bruce intel: We are at a very interesting crossroad. What we have tried to do is piece together the intel pieces, make sense of them, and discern the truth where we are. one thing we know is we have not received it yet. It is in progress. other countries have received portions of the GCR. we know, that yesterday and today Iraqi stock exchange was opened, and over a trillion shares were bought by countries, 15 to 20 purchased stock. where we able to buy? no. it was closed to us until Jan 4.
Bruce: bond sell? some took advantage, but not here. in the treasury certain individuals are blocked out that were expected to do with the release we are waiting for.
Bruce: got from a major top 4 banks, they are in a gag order since 11am. we are expecting in a window again started 4pm est. In an unbelievable 72 hour window.
Bruce: that would end on New YEars, Friday. We dont necessary need to wait til 4pm Friday. Could go between now and then. the description was an unbelievable 72 hour window.
Bruce: we heard the term a go around by the Chinese and bricks banks and other world banks as well in Europe and Australia in Britian and so on. they want this to go through. still seem to be some resistance.
Bruce: I cant tell you why or who. I dont think it matters we know. But matters we are patient and have faith and believe that our blessing is still on the way.
Bruce: like the orders on Amazon and other vendors before Christmas, that no matter how hard they tried, they couldnt deliever as promised because the huge amount of commerce that was generated.
Bruce: but those packages are still on way, still getting there. It is in the pipeline, our blessing is in the pipeline, it is in route. let us continue to stand on faith for it. All we can do is stand firm.
Bruce: you want to retreat now? Lose all the ground we made up so far? I dont want you to. You want to throw in the towel? Dont do that. Be tempted to press in more, add more faith.
Bruce: Have more faith that we are to be a blessing to. WE are together in this. Not giving up. You wont see me quit as I come into my 11 year I have been invested in this. 4 years on the big call.
Bruce: we are getting stronger, going deeper, who is with me? Who among you are with me?
Bruce: I think you all are with me. I dont see anybody quiting, throwing in the towel. We will continue having faith, those obstacles will be torn down. WE are living in history being made. You are part of it.
Bruce; I am part of it. Rates locked in since Christmas Eve, they havent moved. they are solid, good, really strong. You will be pleased. Do not ask me about them.

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