Thursday, December 17, 2015

TNT :6 Simple notes for a success during exchange! By PLATINUMRUNWAY, 17 DEC

    • platinumrunway said
      03:42 AM Dec 17, 2015

    1. Be on time, that way you are taken seriously, this one of the most important life changing experiences you will ever have, so make sure you are 15 min early.  If you have to travel some distance to your appointment leave yourself a cushion.  You never know what the traffic, weather, or circumstances may pop up at the last sec.
    2. Look professional. You will be profiled so look professional, business attire, or business casual. Remember not to let you worst impression be your first impression.
    3. Take and index card and write down a few key things that are a must for you.  Writing them down assures you will not be stumbling during your short time period.  If you are not sure about something, say something, closed mouths don't get fed.
    4.  Be confident in what you are asking for. Nothing beats a failure than a try.  Keep in mind while they are profiling the type of client wanted for their branch, you should be interviewing them as well.  
    5. Please, please do not go in with an attitude of arrogance, or feel as if you are privy to information that they do not have.  Keep in mind the person on the other side of the table may not be happy to be processing all these new millionaires. Treat them with respect and always be polite.
    6.  If you are not comfortable with something being said, or you have a gut feeling that there may be something you definitely don't understand, politely end the process and find another branch. Keeping in mind that there may or may not be a lot of time to search for another exchange center or bank depending on where you live.
    These are 6 simple notes that can ensure a successful exchange process.  We are TNT strong!!! See you at the banks soon! 

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