Saturday, December 26, 2015


 I do not like to do update until we confirm from several sources the actual facts. Our team includes a couple of members that have some contacts in very positive places, and [Guru] Ray and I who have many sources in the United States and many in Iraq that is very knowledgeable about the current events happening.
 Here are a few things I am being told have happened or are in the works – things are moving quickly!
* 2016 Budget Passed <– Confirmed
* HCL Passed <– we are confirming if this is done or will be done in the next day or two
* IMF Signs With Iraq to Control Their Economy <– Confirmed
* Activation of Customs Tariffs Announced <– Confirmed
* More troops from US and Italy deployed to Iraq to finish clean-up of Mosul and Ramadi <– Confirmed.
* December 14th — To / all licensed banks and money transfer companies and exchange companies (off dollar processing) – stop using the USD <– Confirmed and huge news
* December 15th — To / banks approved to exercise all banking (sale and purchase of foreign currency instructions) <– Confirmed and huge news
* December 16th — Companies that have been shut off from the sale and purchase of foreign currencies window – Message from CBI to all 72 currency exchange <– Confirmed and huge news
*Businesses in Iraq to stop trading foreign currency.  They did not mention banks on this list, only currency exchange businesses. <– Confirmed and huge news
* CBI announces it is replacing the currency auction <– Confirmed
* Conference in London to discuss investment in the Iraqi stock market <– Confirmed.
I have personally never seen so much progress at once but have been told to start looking for this to happen very quickly.

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