Monday, December 28, 2015

REPLAY of Awake-in-3D Conference call Sunday Night 12-27-15, 28 DEC

REPLAY of Awake-in-3D Conference call Sunday Night 12-27-15

Let’s Talk GCR / RV and the Great Shift

Episode # 5

After GCR / RV Exchanges: What’s the Plan?

Now that the exchange process is working its way through the private group structures (as widely reported), it is time to have a dialogue regarding post-RV exchange plans. On this week’s show, I will be discussing a general planning approach, structure and activities to start now, both as an individual and also within a group engagement environmen


  •  Why it’s not too soon to engage with your post-exchange planning
  • Have you taken, or will you take steps to create a independent entity such as a Trust or Foundation?
  • A majority of us plan to engage in Humanitarian projects and activities to create a better world for everyone but have not yet worked out the details – let’s discuss options in this noble endeavor.



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