Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Martha:  I just got done listening to "The Big Call" and I'm not surprised to hear that Bruce has been told that we are in a "forced" 72 hour window which goes to 4pm on New Year day. IMO This doesn't mean it will wait until the first though . It seems possible that there is still an unknown entity blocking this for us all . China and the BRICS as well as several other countries want this done NOW but have been circumventing something or someone and buying stocks and bonds from Iraq!

Believe me when I say that Iraq has an international rate. Like I said, come Monday 1--4 the world should see the RV...... Stand firm. Dont give up. We are there. The RV has happened. Let us pray that we are in the banks before the first.
It seems the platform is working against us and come Monday, we may be part of the chaos and confusion the banks won't want.

Other news of interest:

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