Sunday, December 27, 2015


I received this late last night and it is clear that we are probably on the door on the 28-29.my intel that came from someone in the HB market was called back to Hong Kong for Tuesday.
This info lines up with other info on OM (Open Mic) as well as lining up with many other intel providers scenarios.
How many times I have said good-bye only to have to hang in there again.
At this time, I can honestly say I firmly believe that the football game is over and China has won and US has lost but China has won for Humanity.
I think markets will open still in quiet mode. I will say that Iraq has been ready for so long it is sad that they were used as a pawn in a vicious chess game
We should be very thankful that Abadi knew how to play the US and went with the BRICS over a year ago.  Martha

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