Tuesday, December 22, 2015


From Martha  Our Day, 12/22/15 -

Whether you like it or not, numerology, astrology, and dates and calendars have played a very important part of this journey.

This investment, which has taken so many twists and turns is about to be our reality.
We must accept the truth. that China, the BRICS Alliance and the Chinese dynasties are bringing to the world an alignment of wealth that hopefully will not only fix what is wrong in this world but promote a new future for this world.

We have just passed thru the winter solstice @11:11 gmt.
Look at the time: double 11's which is 22 which is today but also the ultimate master number in Chinese numerology.completion and being in total control of your destiny.

Also today is the 8th month anniversary of the actual the dinar which was 4-22-2015. Is it fate?

I don't know, except that I will say it is a total mirror of 2013 and 2014 but the difference is that it is OUR YEAR and will only get better as we head into 1-1-2016 which is "crazy eights" again.

Christmas, this year,12-25-2015,which is the end of the alignment period, when the hours of daylight and darkness will start to change again, also will have a 100 % full moon which only happens once every 19 years.

 Are we looking for something significant to happen? Who can say. Also from Christmas to the first of January there is also an alignment of the planets as well.

Remember that in June we had the star of Bethlehem appear in the sky. Another rare sighting.

All I will say in closing, is that I believe this part of our journey is over. We now start the next stage, so to speak, of a better life for all.

Hopefully an end to greed and hatred; a new found balance; a world of peaceful co-existence and the capability to all be free again; to be able to be free thinkers; to create and build to clean up this planet that is our home; and to be able to explore, not just our planet but perhaps the universe.

Last night at the Cape, here in Florida, I  witnessed the successful lift off of the Falcon 9 rocket with the actual return of the booster rocket in a landing back on the ground which was a first!.

Space exploration has somewhat been placed on a back burner for sometime. The amount of unemployment, here in this county is directly related to this situation.
I hope,for the future that we start to aim to the universe again.

Finally,I personally want to wish Seasons Greetings to all in Dinarland as well as a Happy New Year and a New Future to all.

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