Wednesday, December 16, 2015


12-16-2015   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   The BUDGET, and also HCL - there is reason to believe that we have some HUGE progress on this as of TODAY, but it's too early to give an official statement. It appears that the BUDGET was passed today in Parliament, but please everyone... give it a day to simmer and see if anything else comes out.  Don't take that as a negative! We have a good chance to see BOTH done before the end of 2015, which could be absolutely amazing!   If you've been involved with the dinar for long at all, you might remember that previous budgets weren't approved until well into the year they were actually focused on. To get a Budget done this fast is GREAT for us! I like it.

12-16-2015   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article: "the House of Representatives decided to postpone the vote on the ninth paragraph own balancing the province at the end of today's session."  I do not think the budget is done until they agree and vote on the Kurdistan share.   I don't see this as good news. There is little to no chance during 2016 this will come back into parliament to get resolved.And as we know the Kurds would not accept less than 17%. What this did was in essence give permission to the KRG to pump and sell their own oil since they know there is no chance of getting any funds from the central government. It will only alienate the relationship.

12-16-2015   Newshound Guru rcookie   Article:  "President of the Parliament congratulates Iraqis approve 2016 budget Wednesday 16 December 2015 16:42"   2016 budget approved by parliament majority.  2016 BUDGET COMPLETED IN RECORD TIME! 11TH HOUR ATTEMPTS TO PARE KURDS SHARE FAILED... Parliament voted to give Kurdistan 17% of the budget in 2016.

12-16-2015   Intel Guru Delta
    ...it is about time for Iraq to move forward...whatever the plan was before they do want to move this faster...in my heart I believe this is the month we should see things happen...this year is totally different...so many things are going on...what all started this was the contract that Iraq had to sign with the IMF...that was the trigger...there is no nation on earth that gets the support that Iraq gets from the IMF, the World Bank and others...why...they do not want them to fail...the authors of the plan do not want them to fail...   Abadi came out and said this is the time to activate the monetary reform.  IMO the rate has to change...if I’m the CBI...if I’m going to put those LD’s in the banks...I have to have a rate for the LD’s to be sold to the banks...they have to have a good value for later to make money...bottom line...the CBI has to offer a rate that is good for the CBI and the banks as well as the citizens and for us.  We are very close, expect the unexpected...on the verge of something big happening... IMO we will see the rate before the end of the year.

12-15-2015   Intel Guru Frank26   What they are doing right now with their banks, auctions, and LD’s is all that matters...they will stop the auctions on the 31st...the 31st is a Thursday...Friday off...Saturday off...the beginning of the year...this is not a coincidence...they will need to start selling their own currency through the auctions to make money...they do auctions because they are not international...so they sell USD to make money.  But now they will be international with an international currency and rate...out of Article 8 which will do something phenomenal with their reserves.  If these LD’s are purchased by the banks do we then have to have the rate...no...it means they are now in position to introduce the rate.

12-16-2015   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   The agenda of the meeting No. (45) Wednesday 16 December 2015:  "Second:  The vote on the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2016. (Finance Committee,Legal Committee,The economic and investment commission), (Article 38)."  Be interesting to see if they can pull this off or if they will have to wait to another day for lack of quorum.

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