Saturday, November 7, 2015

US Treasury Stops Financial Transactions With the CBI, 7 NOV

 On Tuesday, the newspaper ‘Wall Street Journal’ reported that the U.S has started investigation after receiving the results for announcement of the testimonial by the U.S officials at the U.S Treasury Department about blockage of all the financial dealings with the Iraqi Central Bank since last summer. It also caused smuggling and funds transferring by unauthorized channels to other foreign countries especially to Iran and a handsome amount to Daash. The United States took attention from the news of global media about evidences of blockage in any kind of financial transaction between Iraq and the U.S Treasury Department; it caused degradation in Iraqi economy by currency smuggling, money laundering and funds transferring through unauthorized paths.
It was also reported by the newspaper that a secret meeting held in Istanbul, Turkey between the U.S officials and Iraqi officials. They found the presence of some unauthorized channels that caused smuggling and money laundering. They discovered some unauthorized links of Iran with the Iraqi Central Bank by their daily foreign currency auctions. It damaged the Iraqi economy significantly which was not recovered but a major factor of decline in the global oil prices increased the Iraqi economical and financial crises. The Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari earlier said that Iraqi Finance Ministry is taking some major steps to stop the leakage of U.S dollars by smuggling and money laundering because Iraqi economy relies on the financial fluidity of cash of paper currency. The investigation confirmed that Iraqi economy is increasing significantly and the U.S government demanded from the Iraqi government to avoid involvement of Iranian banks and financial institutions in their daily auction at Iraqi Central Bank.

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