Sunday, November 15, 2015

TNT : Tweet from Abadi - Reform packages, 15 NOV

We came reform packages that we launched and we are launching and cross-orders, decisions and directives to address the imbalance in the structure of the state's political, economic, financial, administrative and service aspects and the fight against corruption, which, although not up to the aspirations of the people but it packs a pioneer and rooted to the path of reform and usher in a new era in the pattern of dealing with the state and responsibilities, We will continue to reform the management of the Battle of unabated or decline to include the spirit of the state and its institutions, despite the challenges of the economic situation and the suffocating presence of conflict which we wage against terrorism

In the name of God the Merciful, O people Karim .. like you in this historic moments, moments of reform and combatting terrorism and victories achieved by our heroes on the battlefield and to restore the prestige of the state, to assure you: we we started our approach reform of our firm conviction that a comprehensive and radical reform and the national state Base Civil State institutions is the way that leads to stability and development, reconstruction, justice and the restoration of statehood, which Astbaanh the forces of evil, terrorism and corruption, those forces that are reluctant obstructed reform tasks being hit very core of its existence and its privileges, especially the quota system and structure which Enkran body of state corruption system

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