Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.  

Question to Tony:  IN YOUR HEART OF HEARTS?  Tony:  Bank security has not called this in months.  When they brought all the security, in the banks, yesterday and told them to be ready, it was about to be an onslaught . . . I know they were expecting it.  (Tony waiting to hear if security still there today)

Tony:  All the information has been good.  Really, really good.  Friday waiting for something good to happen.  Had distraction while there (Vegas).  On "high alert" to go to the bank, all weekend.

Was going to do a call on Monday except early Monday morning, banks were called in . . .things were in motion, actually happening and gearing up.  Thought I would do final call around 3:30 - 4:30 Monday. Waiting for that. It was clearly in motion.  It didn't get done. (Tony was pretty sure the banks would not appreciate him calling us at that time.  He did not want to affect the process)  Everybody went through final phases, agreements again.  We were on super, super high alert.  It stopped yesterday.  Nothing happened yesterday.  

As of this morning, every country I talked to said, "We're done, we're done."  Iraq released it to the next level on Saturday.  Still feel it will happen this week.
Everyone is saying "they don't know why" it hasn't (shown).  Banks say they are waiting on UST approval. But it's not the UST holding it up.  It is a 3 letter agency but not the UST.  I was thinking this should have already happened.  Are they holding this up until the end of the month, but I'm hearing not.  

CURRENT WINDOW:   Five day window to complete. Tony:   Iraq said completed on Saturday.  When does the   five days start? . . . It could be at any time.  We have an excellent chance of it happening this week.  The system has been tested and it runs perfectly. (some) say should see it Saturday/Sunday.  Some saying not wait that long.  Should see it now. 
IRAQ:    Tony:  I'm waiting to see what day is payday for the Iraqi everyday citizens.  Military, government employees.  I'm thinking that is when they want to put it on their cards.  
  • Exchange in Iraq will be a 1:1 exchange.  Tony: . . . in purchasing power for the dinar, that is great for them.  Tony said that is not what will happen in the US.     
  • China:  Tony says this is a "global" event and China does not have control of it.   
  • Paris, France:  The thinking is of two directions.  Who wants to celebrate at this time or this is the perfect time to release the RV while the world's attention is on the Paris event.     
  • Rates are still there with no notice of pending or hold on them.  They just don't go through.   Tony:  We all will be very, very happy with the rates.  Even if the Dong comes out at .47.  ZIM has good rate.
  • Currency Basket:  Tony said seven currencies going in this first basket.  He did not name the currencies.
  • Iran:  Tony does not feel the Iraq release is waiting on Iran.  He said the Iran Rial is not part of the agreement for the RV.   
UNITED STATES:     Yes, Tony had a good time in Vegas regardless of having to check is phone every 10 minutes.
  • UST:    
  • Banks:  personnel were brought in on Sunday and waited all day.  Tony clarified during the call that the banks stopped activity and it was not the process that was stopped. 
  • Clean/Clear Certificates is a letter from your bank stating they know where the money originated.  You want this when transferring money so Homeland Security does not get involved.    
EXCHANGING:   Tony: U.S. is 100% aboard with plan A.  No one is trying to eliminate anyone at this time.  Everyone is set up to go. . . . with us included.  Our agreement is still intact!!!


PAM:  I enjoyed the time off.  Want to thank everybody out there.  The other Guru’s in Dinar land have helped.  It’s amazing what you have taught all of us.  We have all learned things together.  Duke (Pam's dog) and I would like to thank all of you.
RAY:  When will I see it before Wednesday?  Before nightfall?
TONY:  Just in case this is our last call, we should thank everyone who has been involved.  Multiple countries, administration . . .bank people who put there very jobs at risk so we would know what was going on.
Years ago some Iraqi’s put their lives at risk.  I remember it all.  Thank each and everyone for helping us survive these last five years.  For everyone on the call.  Your biggest challenge is life after this.  Once you have the money, how to keep it yours. . . Don’t forget someone helped you get here.  Someone helped you get through the process and all we ask in return is to please pay it forward.  Help someone through life.  Six million have Dinar.  If we each help 10 people we can affect 60 million lives in one day. . . We can all be a part of that.

If this is last call we don’t have to do Friday.  If we have to we will.  Please, please, please be ready. 
Be in the Forum asking people.  What your looking for when you go to the exchange itself.  Enjoy your day.  I’m going to enjoy mine.

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