Monday, November 23, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
Pam says she is not doing a call on Friday but "ya'll can go ahead if you want."
Tony:  ". . .I'm not committing to Friday."

Tony:  We shouldn't be here.  Should be in a bank or out buying . . .  Lot of stuff on the internet.  Most of it was in fact true.  For the most part it has gone through.  Bank people were there Sunday.  Upset because it did not go.   I was told all of the banks did not get all of the information at the same time.  In order to be fair to everybody, decided to do it at a later time.  Got that from a couple of different sources.
The funny part is the  information went out on Friday.  We knew on Friday, but Sunday some banks complaining they didn't get it. . .  

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  Waiting for the one moment in time, hopefully the next 24 hours and this will be over.  Lower denom's to be issued in the next 24 hours if they did not get them this weekend.   When they are issued the LD's we should see this go world wide.     At this point in time everybody has it and ready. 
So hopefully that is, as they say, in next 24 hours before Thanksgiving, before Black Friday and before November 30th. It's geared up to go. . .   No one arguing.  Everyone is saying "green light."  . . .Memo's out, rates there.  Bank personnel moved around.   They (the banks) all have notice now.  I got that yesterday and this morning.
(In response to caller question Tony said he thought it would happen before Thanksgiving . . .based on what he's being told)
IRAQ:    Is ready.  Implement the reforms now.  Lower denom's to be issued in the next 24 hours if they did not get them this weekend.  Iraq people were scheduled to get paid yesterday and they were not paid.  
  • Rates:  Tony:  Rates could go anywhere.  We've seen them go crazy. Some banks see $3.00 and some see $2.00.  Zim limited to $500 million or $1 billion.  Don't expect to divide it up between trusts or legal entities.  It will be tracked.  Dinar: Contrary to what is out on internet or what you may be hearing, the 25,000 dinar note is good. 
  • TNT T-shirt designs are in the Forum        
EXCHANGING:    Tony's Strategy:  Have a plan for different price points with different caps.  This means you may have multiple plans. Tony:   If it comes out at $3.00, which I doubt, have a plan.  If it comes out at .11 - .22, have a plan.  . .I have my plan before I walk into the room. . . Plan for the worst, hope for the best.
PAM:  I agree with Ray!  Let’s do this thing!  We’ve already said thanks to everyone.  It’s Thanksgiving – what are you grateful for? We are at the end of a tunnel.  Things might not be perfect but there is always a lot to be grateful for.
Ray:  Continue to enjoy this Marvelous Monday;  we’ll see where this day takes us, minute by minute.
Tony:  Hopefully this is over, and  I’ll give you a shout and/or have THE call.  If not, we’ll be here on Wednesday, although I’m not committing to Friday. 
We are still in this life-changing event, and we have an opportunity to create a legacy.  We know how it works, how our government works  and out financial institutions.  We have a bunch of investment opportunities, and hopefully you have learned how to protect your money and be smart with it. 
Someone out there has your email address and address and they will do anything they have to to get it.  Protect yourself!  Plan for yourself!  For each currency and each rate, have a plan:  know where you want to put it when you go in that bank. Know how much you want to exchange at what rate. 
Give it away over that amount. Some say to give it to charity, but I have brothers and sisters to help first.  If you don’t want to have over the cap over 20, 50 or 100 years, have a plan. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. 
Don’t be downcast because it didn’t happen over the weekend or this morning.  We still have three days until Thanksgiving, and I KNOW they want you to spend a ton of money on Black Friday or they wouldn’t have scheduled this for last weekend. 
Have a super-fantastic day!  I will talk to you on Wednesday if I have to, but I hope it goes a lot sooner than that!  

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