Friday, November 6, 2015

TNT :talked to WF WM in Dallas by REDINDIAN, 6 NOV

    • Redindian said
      12:12 PM Nov 5, 2015
    Ok, I already bank here and I have been in this since 05 so don't start anything about talking to a banker. I am not out there hounding them vs. prepping and inquiring how to set this up for go day from my already existing acct with them to an new "private bank" acct. So, this fella I asked for yesterday was unavailable and called me back today. He said " what is it you want to do?"
     I told him I wanted to set up a new acct to handle sums of 1-5 million from new investments. He asked what type so I told him some are oil and some are overseas currency. He asked if any of those currencies were Dong, Rupiah, or IQD. I told him 2 are yes. He said "I've been hearing about that for 15 years, and at this time we are not dealing with those but when they change I can help you, but again I wouldn't put a lot of stock in to those since like I told you I have heard that for 15 years." I kindly told him that I understood and that I am not going to try to convince him or anyone of their coming change. I also told him that I am merely trying to find a good

    wealth advisor ahead of time based on my good intel of my investments and if he wished to keep my number and call me when it goes then that would be fine. His tone was without any belief or excitement and it sounded
    like he was well worn out from similar conversations so I'm guessing he is not a believer. I don't care about that but I did ask if his location could validate my currency to be real by deLarue machine and/or black light,etc.
    He said "Not here right now but we have ways of doing that , that I cannot talk about on the phone. If you want to do it yourself you may use our Ross Ave. branch in downtown Dallas."
    I only tell you all of this to let you know that there is a branch to (pre) confirm the legitimacy of your bills. I asked him if there was anything that I could be doing as an already existing customer to prep things there at
    any of the Texas banks for my switching over of accts. He said " When that goes we can easily do all that you need to do and it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours." I thanked him and we ended the call.
    Please pay attention here and get something....... (1.) His non excitement tone of voice after finding out I had these famous currencies and (2.) his reply as to wither or not they could and would do it. As we have heard so many times before, these WMs sometimes know and are already coached on what to say wither they "believe" this RV to ever happen or not. Some will be very angry that day and some like him I think will just be stunned and ....... kicking themselves. I base that second reaction on my experience and so many others on here that have ran into the "Kind, professional and coached replies but their tone of voice and "personal comments like his, (I've been hearing this for 15 years.") just reminds me that this is very truly talked about globally in banking circles and very much sneered, disbelieved and monotonous to so many bank mgt types so I thank our TNT team for constantly warning us to be kind to them now and on "GO" day as we will see both types previously mentioned. It's all good baby, nothin' but love. peace, peace, don't throw anything at me , I'm just keepin' it real.wink

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