Thursday, November 5, 2015

TNT :My WM Follow Up, 5 NOV

    • Tennwolfman said
      01:51 PM Nov 4, 2015
    My WM finally got thru to her higher ups and they said for her to fax my info as to how much currency I had. Then later they called her and told her to put my personal info into their main data base so when the RV happens they can call me to come in... She called me and told me this during Tony's call today. Needless to say I was and am excited.. Please understand that I am NOT doing an exchange now.. Just getting ready...
    Yesterday I was bombarded by dozens of people wanting to know what bank, what city, what my WM name is and so on.  I will tell you now-please dont ask me this in chat or private message because I cannot give out any info at all. I was told by my WM that it could mess up my chances. So please dont ask, if you do--dont expect any kind of reply from me. So please try to understand that I am not exchanging now or in front of you or anyone.  They are simply giving me a heads up and making my exchange go off a little easier when it does RV, thats all.    Wolfy

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