Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Hello TNT family, thank you very much, I know my brother well appreciate your prayers. So my meeting went well. Their are things I can say and other things I can not, for his safety and mine now. I thought his family was from Baghdad...they are from Kurdistan. They have a lot of influence their. (They have a town in their name and that might be to much information)

 So yes their cards are loaded and they are using lower demons. They are happy and spending their money! It's a bit difficult for some people there to use their cards when they where so use to using paper. I got a big history lesson on Iraq.

 What is told to us and what actually is happening are two different things. I can't believe what we are lead to believe. I will leave it at that. That is on the history of Iraq not the exchange process that is about to happen for us. If the family lived in Baghdad, then I could have gotten some other answer that we where all looking for. Have a great day! 

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