Friday, November 27, 2015


 DEEMONEY IN CHAT:  11-27-15  9:03 AM PST (and we thank DeeMoney for this wonderful positive post) 

 I thought I'd I just received a call back from a WM from one of the top banks. I told him that I was expecting to exchange my currency soon. He said let's meet next week. He scheduled me for Wednesday because Monday and Tuesday he's completely booked. Ten minutes later he called back and moved me to Tuesday.

  I'm so serious and excited! He's meeting me in a location close to my house.

  He didn't have time to get a cancellation. He called back quickly and said, make sure I had I'd so he can set up accounts for me. He clearly knows what's happening. He was talking to me let I was a wealthy woman already. He's driving almost an hr to meet me
  Charlotte area

 Danblessed- No. I kept calling the other day and called me back. I wanted to just talk about accounts. He called back this morning and after I said I have currency I expected to exchange, he wanted to meet

 LADYB223 WROTEdeemoney, Please be careful. If you give your currency to him, it's gone forever. Make sure he validates it in your prescence and gives you a bank deposit slip. Bruce said the Delarue machines at the exchange centers will be hooked up to a laptop computer.... and the computer will copy the serial numbers off each bill. That way you have proof of what you give the bank. 
I have talked to managers and pb at this bank before in the past, but they all acted confused. This was different. We are meeting at the main location here. On the top floor where private banking is done. He works out of a smaller office further away. I feel safe

 I did offer to got to his office but he didn't want me to make the drive. That's the kinda service we have to get use to. I wasn't going to say anything but we're all in this together and I hope I encouraged someone today.
  You're welcome... Before I spoke with this WM, I checked out his profile. He's been with this bank for years managing large portfolio's. I wish everyone the best. Thanks for the well wishes 

DEEMONEY RESPONDING TO Adept1- I love your attitude!! Last night on OM a lady said a higher up person at a big 4 bank also said by Monday. Another lady's WM manager cancelled his vacation and her appointment is on Monday and she was told to bring all the currency she has. And with my call this morning, I believe this is it! Have a great day everyone!

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