Friday, November 20, 2015


Elmerf123456:  Folks the good news is there isn't bad news. The pain for most is the wait. We have seen such an enormous transition in this process when things go quite it tests ones resolve. Quiet in this case is a wonderful thing because there is so little to do….. You know more than most. Trust and embrace the wait. Smile all!

Understand that the country of Iraq has invested deeply and has undergone an amazing change to be able to be a part of the world stage. You are a part of their plans and will enjoy the fruits of their labor. The Future is so bright and the good news the future is now!

When you look at blueprints and renderings like the new planned Central Bank of Iraq, new development in Basra, new Airports, Grand Faw Ports/largest and most modern in the Region, and of course the Largest New City Bismayah,

keep in mind the planning of these take a long time.

Elmerf123456:  So they know the direction and we are sitting right in the Modernization of their efforts. World Class and open for Business on the world stage. Your investment isn't in vain.

A wise man once said: what the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve! Control your Thoughts and Emotions and you will ordain your Destiny!

Two things! The Button isn't lost nor is our RV. That's all we should need to know! I remain patient, purposeful, poised, and soon prosperous!.


JDbaby :   Is it true a three letter agency is holding this up. If so which one?
Elmerf123456 :   I know who's running it also and yes we best not go there. The good news is money is power and that unmentioned has the funds which will bring us the first three letters of the word funds.


ChampagneLife:  if the rates are on the screen, there's no pending, no date, why can't we go? what's the hold up?

Turkeyhunter:  champagne, you should know that that kind of info will not be given out even though there are many opinions of why its held up. we have no control over this investment and we can only wait patiently and enjoy the fruits of it when it does become public. just be ready and have plans made.

Iko Ward:  for the past six weeks it seems to me the markets and all the indicating agencies line up to make it happen over the weekend but the great hand of the PTB comes in and stops it.

Progress is made in the big back rooms and progress is also made in the public marina but not the critical mass we need for individual exchanges.

My one wish for all is that we not take this on a personal level, that we not see it as some grand rescue. That makes us a victim and we give all our power away.

Bamaltc:  IKO thanks. And thanks for pointing us to the Forex chart. From a high level, it does show the trend....

TotallyBlessed:  Iko you are SO RIGHT. We made a wise investment taking only what we could afford to lose and believing that someday it would be something for ourselves and our kids, grandkids and generations to come. No victims here.

Gtov725 :  Iko - Do you think it will ever reach us?     
Iko Ward :   Gtov, of course it will, and it may even reach us tonight. Waiting is the name of the game now; frustration the dominant thing.


Uenvoy:  Here is my good morning report: Gold is at $1081 per ounce, Silver @ $14.17 , Dow is @ 161.62 and the IQD is floating has been sense Aug 15th. and is now 1112 -$ forex is showing 1086.2 so we are moving in the right direction.

once this thing goes, and we are at the banks, gold is going to shoot up,, because everyone will be buying a little bit of it. or allot of it…….Hoping for this Weekend to get the 800#$ so we all can be at the bank.

G8way2k:  Uenvoy So you don't think we'll see an Rv until gold hits $350

Uenvoy:  g8way2k>> no I think the RV will be first, but dont rush to exhange the Dinar, wait a few days on that currency,, Zim, Dong, Rupiah exchange as soon as you can.. the only way I will rush to the bank with my dinar is if it is about $4

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