Sunday, November 22, 2015


Iko Ward:  Black & White Intel. The ISX (Iraqi Stock Exchange), after a steady decline from 920 to 638 over the past several months, has regained 60 points in the last two trading days. Investors are back. Most of the gaining stocks have been banks, commercial real estate and insurance companies. This isn't rumor-tel, folks, these are hard numbers. See it in light of everything else we are hearing. Have a great day

SassyD:  Take a look at the ISX..... Friday was the first day in months that th​e market had risen..... today looks to be another boomer !!! ..... http://www.isx-iq.net/isxportal/portal/homePage.html?currLanguage=en

Twenty symbols UP and only one down presently !!!! Wooooooo Hoooooo !!

Seems the investors are HAPPY about Iraq's future !!!!

Iko has said the ISX may be the first indicator we get out of Iraq !!!


Xyz:  CBI rejects the distribution of salaries in dollars   50k note was released in exchange for the damaged currency.  Link

Xyz:  Parliament sets the last meeting today to discuss the budget and for a​ vote Amuad
Link    Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to identify today's session as the last session to discuss the draft budget law for fiscal 2016. According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] that "the Presidency not set yet vote on the budget with the imminent start of the legislative recess on the first of December next hearing date."

Xyz:  House of Representatives to raise its regular to the eighth month this​ December any until after Arbain encountered in 3 of the month Nevsh..​itba visit   Link

Xyz:  Central bank: an existing project to delete the zeros and the issuance​ of 50 thousand came to structuring currency  Link  

Xyz:  The Central Bank rejects the proposal on the distribution of employees​' salaries in dollars noting that the dollar can not be a substitute f​or the national currency.   Link 

Xyz: cbi governor on 50k: "the currency came in exchange for the damag​ed currency as well as it was printed to respond to Iraqi requests in ​terms of trading and transfer money the fact that the recent currency ​category 25 thousand low compared to the monetary mass in "

Xyz: Keywords: central bank has reserves of hard currency within internatio​nal standards

Xyz:  New bond scheme seen for Middle East, N. Africa by spring-World Bank  Some would be Islamic bonds, or sukuk, targeting investors in the reg​ion, where conflicts are raging in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. Link

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