Wednesday, November 18, 2015



JenneferV:  I heard just now from a friend.........they went to buy more currency from a local small bank (probably tier 4) and they said they no longer can sell ANY foreigner currency. I thought that was a good sign....

Buckmaster:  Jenn , lets hope that there is some meaning to that in our favor ..... That would be a great indicator for what we are waiting for

JenneferV:  Yes, buck! She told me that she talked to the teller on Monday about buying Rupiah. The teller said to come in and she would order it. When she went in yesterday to order, the same teller said that they are no longer able to order or sell any foreign currency.

TBirdd:  was it a big-4 bank?

JenneferV:  No, Tbird......small regional bank....but they had been selling prior to yesterday.

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