Wednesday, November 18, 2015



Bruce call: sort of a wide range, some quite, thinking what has held this up has been settled
Bruce call: China is pegging with other countries
Bruce call: 11 countries tied to the remndi
Bruce call: reminbi is part of the sdr                    
Bruce call: this is to take place before the 30th and the Yuan will be another world currency
Bruce call: we know some things have been held up...Chinese have fixed the issue his morning
Bruce call: we are ready to go
Bruce call: Banks have gotten notices that they will have an influx of new customers

Bruce call: we won’t discuss rates
Bruce call: we know their is another call...from all the tweets.....
Bruce call: it's still early, looking for that celebration call...Kent take us out in Prayer....
Bruce call: Bruce: Interesting large range of things, then it is quiet. I am encouraged to believe what has seemingly been holding it up for us has been handled. China and Brics nation
Bruce: China is linking in to other nations currency. China reminbi was linked directly to the CBI to the Iraqi dinar for trading today.

Bruce : supposively there is about 11 countries already directly tied to the Chinese yuan or reminbi, primarily the Bric nations. Japan, Indonesia, South AFrica, Zimbabwe. A number of nations connected with China now. By the end of this month or before the Reminbi and several other countries involved in the SDR basket.
Bruce: a way to show stability throughout the world with the various currencies. That is taking place. It is to take place on or before Nov 30th. All of this is part of the yuan another 2nd reserve currency along with the usd. the usd the first, and now the yuan.

Bruce: down the road others. right now looking forward to the yuan as a reserve currency.
Bruce: We know that certain things have seemingly been held up with this. We thought this weekend, We did not get there completely. We understand the Chinese have found the issue and they have attempted today to rectify the issue this morning.
Bruce: it is something that has been fixed. From what I understand the coast is clear. We are looking for this to go down the end of the week. I have heard tonight. I dont know, I am not calling that. We are in a really good place.

Bruce: We have been highly expecting it for weeks, maybe months. Banks being notified, interoffice memos to be ready for influx of new customers. Bankers told to be on alert. In some cases some customers being contacted by wealth managers
Bruce: No date and time, no rates or dates. We just dont know. Not fair to the process. Confident with the info I am hearing, and see the end of this saga very shortly.
Bruce: There is another major call that was excited by the tweets. Hopefully we will find out shortly.
Bruce: I encourage you to stay in faith in this, be patient as you have been. We cant do anything but pray for it to move it along. Let see what the rest of the week brings. Still early in the week.

NOTE:  If I missed any of Bruce’s intel, sorry. Thank you Mangelo, hugs 

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