Wednesday, November 11, 2015



Bruce call: what's going on....from China, last night on Fox business, saying was using the Reminbi and using the currency with Switzerland

Bruce call: golf state nations, have decided to drop the fiat currency and use the rminbi

Bruce call: China becoming a world currency

Bruce call: here in the US out west they are in high alert, banks on the 11 th hour!!

Bruce call: funds being signed off

Bruce call: historic bonds are intiated

Bruce call: IMF is speaking and be their at any time even tonight, major things happening, can't give youday and time

Bruce call: we know who is in the driving sit, they Iraqi People are happy and celebrating and buying thing

Bruce call: we are next!

Bruce call: we are waiting for notification keeping an eye out, could this happen before Veterans day it could


Bruce call: Intel: I will be able to give you alot of things without crossing the line i think. Start with what is going on with China.

Bruce call: last night on Fox business, it was interesting, caught reply. heard saying China was using the reminbi starting today to exchange and do business with Switzerland, the switz frank, bypassing the usd

Bruce call: it would set up china one more set to become a world currency. not say replacing the dollar, but work along side the usd. our understand we will have 5 world currencies

Bruce call: China becoming a world currency is working directly with countries to use their reminbi or yuan to trade with. Today we heard that the nations in the ME, gulf nations or states in ME have all decuded to drop the fiat currency and use the reminbi to use in their transactions.

about 11 countries in the ME. some will run with the brics banks that are banking up the CIPS.

Bruce call: the CIPS is running along side the Swiss system for wiring funds. now you have the CIPS system running wiht the SWISS system using the reminbi instead of usd.

Bruce: our country, things are happening out west i heard on red high alert. things are happening between our banks and international banks putting us in the 11th hour to the 11 1/2 hour.

Bruce: certain docutments been signed off on, funds moving, major transaction of historical assets to the tune of about 20 1/2 trillion dollars being settled with the bonds. the last of those historical bonds been initiated.

Bruce: people in high authority saying it is our week. word from imf we believe saying this week. we heard we could be there anytime including tonight for this to come through. the indicatiions are all around. major things in the news

Bruce: indication are excellent to go. I know we are making good progress, this is rolling out, slower maybe than you and I like, but it is moving. we know who is in the drivers seat.

Bruce: iraq is spending money, are happy, buying things. lower denoms are out, cards are charged at decent high rates. basically we now we are next.

Bruce: a high number of nations have been handled already in terms of their own govt, they have been covered, been handled. it will come to the point it means us, the group, internet group.

Bruce: i think we are looking for notifications on groups and internet group here in the next little while. could it occur on or before veternans day? yes, could be, maybe celebration call. that is the intel portion for tonight.

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