Friday, November 20, 2015


Bruce call - Kent is getting excited.... Bruce said that's a big deal.
Bruce: Chinese happy; activities out west rolling like supposed to; exchanges at reduced rate in Germany
Bruce: each country has different rates
Bruce: exchanges in New York and Las Vegas but not at moment
Bruce: wait on your group so you can take advantage of what group has to offer

Bruce: some people will be able to help you on the big call after the rv

Bruce: we'll be forward thinking

Bruce: every country has signed off; Philippines was last

Bruce: clarifying that he never said dinar coming out at $1


Bruce: invest wisely, so you can give wisely
Bruce: everything is ready, everything is in place
Bruce: we are looking at a timing issue


Bruce call: We are still hanging on and waiting for the time for this to go. I am feeling very good what I am hearing. Hope you guys still feeling good as I am.

Bruce call: chit chatting with Kent about a friend who sent an email with little bit of intel.

Bruce call: what we have heard since Tues call, most of which is good. Highly expectant for this to go down at almost any moment. We do believe everything is done, complete. Iraq part done and over. They do have their key cards charged up and are spending

Bruce call: They have LD are out, dont know if all the salaries been paid. We know the Chinese have been happy for awhile and continue to be happy for everything to come out. Activities out west moving nicely and rolling as it suppose to.

Bruce: some exchanges in Germany at a reduce rate in dinar because every country have a separate rate based on the IMF based on their participance they have in the Iraq war, coalition. Determine by monetary, boots on ground, etc.

Bruce: Rate determine on their participance on the war. Told no groups going on at the moment we are told. IF you are part of a group and many of you are, let that notification come to you which could take 24 to 48 hours to roll out.

Bruce: I dont expect that in terms with emails as WF group. I feel we will have a shotgun approach as well as the internet group. Some maybe tempted to take off and go, but going to be wise if part of a group is to wait for the group and follow instructions in email and take advantage what the group will offer. Don’t ask me anymore about groups. They are private.

Bruce call: Some of you are part of groups, some are not. All be taken care of. You have an opportunity to many concern of trust and structure, dont have those set up before hand. Go in and expect to meet the people that will help you set up your structures. Get with the Wealth managers, private banking groups, work with the attorneys and cpa at least initially to get started
Bruce: then you can get your own people. If you dont have all that stuff set up, and 90 percent of us dont, dont sweat it. You will be able to take your time to do that as you learn.

Bruce call: You will be wise if you can learn all the aspects of this new found wealth, everything going to be yours. Wise to learn what you can about investments with your advisors. They will be able to read you quickly how far you are with the investment game. They will do their best to help you learn. They will have seminars for you to learn.
Bruce call: We will have such. WE plan not going any where, and plan to have calls to help you.

Bruce: WE can make a difference in so many ways
Bruce call: rates still quite good, they are fine.
Bruce call: Kent going to read email of intel info.
Bruce call: Kent: Everything single mandate requested by IMF, world bank, and UN have been delivered on. AML law done. Budget and deficient, salary, and ? done. CBI oversight and monitoring panel agreed with IMF done. Person put it out is Arcookie (?). Bruce don’t know who that is.

Bruce: everything is ready, in place. Last nation to sign off with the IMF is the Philippines. EVery country has signed off. WE are waiting for the perfect timing for this to drop in. We can feel good for this ride to come to an end, to exchange and start new life shortly.

Bruce: I was informed on Tonys call somebody from area 919, brought in that I had said that dinar coming out at a dollar. I think the caller was greatly mistaken. I have never said that the dinar coming out at a dollar. To clarify this. We love tnt and good work going there. That is not my opinion and didn’t say it, whoever that caller is get it from someone else that said i said it

Bruce call: literally we could have it any moment. We need to continue to be patient. Thought we would have a celebration call tonite, could still have one tonite. My opinion we are looking at a timing issue. When it is a good time for this to drop in.
Bruce: That is where we are. You can feel confident, blessed, highly expectant for this to come through

Bruce: thank you everybody. I am excited where we are. I am looking for this to be over after over 10 years myself and move on to the next phrase
Bruce:  Whatever time you have been involve in this, we are going to look back on this and say WOW, that was something else. What a ride! What did I learn about patience, helping other people? This is a test. It didn’t come easy. That is okay. We are building character, patience.

Bruce: It is a huge blessing. Until the manifestation of the blessing be on our plan A and continue to trust
Bruce: trust we don’t lose our investments, and give foolishly. remember 4 little things: 1) lose no money 2) grow the money 3) protect the money 4) be in position to give the money to help others

Bruce: I going to put some in a fund and as it grows I can give more each quarter. That is a gift that keeps on giving, an endowment fund. we want to do this continuously. tithing.
Bruce: grow the money so you can continue to give it. every quarter you know how much you earn. okay how much we spend. how much can we give? oh that much. Let’s figure it out how much we can give not to erode the principle. think in terms of giving it.

Bruce: thank you for coming in on call, looking forward hopefully a celebration call next Tuesday. Watch your emails just in case. Kent: pray call out.
NOTE: Mangelo had a presentation to do, and we missed Mangelo being with us tonite. Thanks to Lady, BJ, and Champagne for helping with transcribe, hugs 

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