Thursday, November 12, 2015

TNT ::50000 Dinar released yesterday "see pic", 12 NOV

Firefly :Those 50k and 100ks will not be used by the citizens. IMO they will be used by the government.The lower denoms is for the citizens of Iraq. This is what we have been waiting for!

TNT : 50000 Dinar released yesterday "see pic"

    • Willy0344 said
      05:44 AM Nov 12, 2015
    Here you go, 50000 Dinar straight from CBI website. http://www.cbi.iq/?pid=Home&lang=ar
    I personally do not know what to think, one way or the other. What a roller coaster ride.
    Some say it is a good thing, some say a bad thing. Don't know if I want to cry or shout Glory!!
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