Friday, November 6, 2015


Morning Coffee with TerryK & Mac 11/6/2015 10:00am est

terryk:  Morning all
arizona49:  terryk Good morning, good to see you 
arizona49:  mac Morning  
terryk:  I'm not going to be able to be in chat today, can't sit up due to back pain off to the dr office
terryk:  mac hate to leave but not to much news
terryk:  heard rumor HCL is done just need vote
arizona49: terryk hope he can get to the bottom of the pain, you've been thru so much
terryk:  u all have a blessed day
mac: Yay got a new power cord for the laptop. No more tablet! I'm a dangerous individual now. Internet watch out!!! hahahaha
terryk: try to be in later

jannilew:  tk hope you start feeling better
arizona49:  terryk God Bless and take care of yourself!!!! Get well
mac:  Prayin for you bro, been there and done that specifically.
terryk:  Thanks all, later mac
mac:  Jann! Are our hearts securely in place today?
jannilew:  Yes thanks

mac:  Later boss man
arizona49:  mac How are you doing this morning?
arizona49:  news still is sure slow in coming.....other than M and his last ditch efforts of propaganda hype
mac:  So the most significant news I saw for Iraq; London and USA send Dr. to conduct autopsy on CHalabi (RIP), Britain told Abadi they want to help recover stolen assets for Iraq. (Coinsidence, M has several holdings in UK)
mac:  AZ good morning! News is trickling in but the actions are significant. My perspective is is iceberg is moving on its own and when someone not on the iceberg recognises change and progress is just an affirmation of what we are experiencing. For me, this is truly exciting

arizona49:  I agree, I too am excited
mac:  I think that the way the arrests have been planned is work from the outside of the circle toward the middle. That way every ring traversed toward the center affirms Malikis involvement. By the time they get to him, there are already too many confirmations of is direct and in direct involvement. I believe they call this in legal terms as an Iron clad case. JMO

arizona49:  So much needed to change and we are seeing that right before our eyes.... progress as been in such a short time, imo
arizona49:  Yep, he be DA man who is right in the center of it all
arizona49:  I like that term "Iron clad case"
arizona49:  All I's dotted & T's crossed
mac:  AZ yes. But it also appears that they are moving alot of laws into the "vote" stage. There are a lot of laws that have been read twice and now await a vote. Also, why did Abadi approve the budget if HOR has not approved it, or have they??????
arizona49:  jump on over folks >>>>> bring your comments & ?'s for mac

arizona49:  My point exactly.....I believe, imo, they have been
mac:  Im all by myself, SO if you feel more comfortABLE ASKING A QUESTION NOW IS THE TIME.
arizona49:  we are being spoon fed, so to speak
mac:  We are being led. like it or not we are being escorted to the end.
arizona49:  Yep, agree
mac:  OK kiddos, Im going to go, finally got that axle job out of my garage, now on to prepping my motorcycle parts for repaint!!! Balck and red,my favorite colors.
arizona49:  mac congrats on the axle job......the motorcyle will be very cool

arizona49:  mac Thank you for coming in this morning....Have a great weekend and we sill see you Monday; same time, same place
arizona49:  Lots of prayers going up for TK in hopes that he will feel better by Monday and be with us, too
mac:  OK room, remember it wont matter how much you have endured on this journey if you CHOOSE to not stay grounded till the end. I have always more often than not, started well and finished poorly. Please rest in the fact that the rest of this investment will conclude on its own.
arizona49:  Thank you mac for those words..... Amen
arizona49:  Keep our eyes on the stars and feet on the ground, Theodore Roosevelt

mac:  Whether you feel it or not you are all tremendously loved and prayed for by this team. We dont get paid or rewarded, we just allow our love for you all motivate us to fill our respective positions. THAT is who you have supporting you hear. Try to express thanks to the mods today for the sacrifices they have made so you can stay informed ok? I love you all. Later.
mac:  AZ I believe that was Kasey Kasim
arizona49:  Could have been, him too .... the man of Rock N Roll
mac:  ok all be kind to one soul today. The ripple will be amazing
mac:  goodbye for now
arizona49:  mac have a safe and enjoyable weekend
mac:  C U MONDAY!!!!!!
arizona49:  Yes you will

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