Thursday, November 5, 2015


TerryK Drive By 11/4/2015 8:30pm est

terryk:  Hello all
terryk:  what's going on tonight
terryk:  just got in from church
terryk:  everyone sleeping
terryk:  zzzzzzzzzzzz
arizona49:  terryk Hey there,,,,,,was posting in the Forum 
arizona49:  How are you this evening?
terryk:  Got my mid week spiritual uplift
arizona49:  that is a wonderful thing TK 
terryk:  got home, and right now have big time side ache right back pain
arizona49:  TK am so sorry to hear that, you have gone thru so much with that pain
terryk:  got a few bank stories today
terryk:  not going to spread them other than reports coming from a few that there is a lending rate on the bank screen
terryk:  i think this is strictly a dummy rate but testing
arizona49:  ummmm yep sounds like it
terryk:  but got it from many
terryk:  not one
terryk:  or two
terryk:  but four
arizona49:  test test test then bring it on
terryk:  different stories
arizona49:  that's cool
terryk:  but all talked about blinking rates
terryk:  no don't get your panties wadded up
arizona49:  who me, nah
terryk:  could be a lot of hocus pocus junk
arizona49:  sure could, we know that drill
terryk:  Just wanted to pop in with what I got, as with countries borrowing Iraq billions we heard months ago this was not going to happen and so what has changed
terryk:  ask yourself that
terryk:  God Bless you all....thinking we are dang close
terryk:  night
tina:   night tk
arizona49:  terryk Take care of yourself, thoughts & prayers are with you, hope you get better soon....night

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