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Coffee with TerryK and Mac 11/20/2015 9:56am est

terryk:  Tina, Colorado,kkt,az
terryk:  morning
arizona49:  terryk Goooooood morning
arizona49:  Hope all is well with you and that you are feeling better
terryk:  sniffles
terryk:  but kidney feels good
beach:   Hi TK
terryk:  hey beach
arizona49:  That's good to hear!!!!!
terryk:  where is Mac this am
beach:  TK do you think Mac got out of bed yet
terryk:  if it were me no way
terryk:  well saw my. Goat had good post
terryk:  holy cow
terryk:  its mac
mac:  Sorry for being late, mom broke her foot and I had to drive the kids to school. its a funny story too.
arizona49:  mac Morning
mac:  So TK, what phrase is not used by the Iraqi consumer?
terryk:  big mac
mac:  KEEP THE CHANGE!!!!! But that will change soon.
terryk:  funny
mac:  Coins/fils are coming in denominations smaller than 250 IQD.
terryk:  but true
terryk:  i have a coin Tina sent me years ago
terryk:  100 dinar coin
Colorado:  an explosion waiting to happen???
mac:  So why make coins that are 20% of the current value
terryk:  well Colorado I think so
mac:  So it appears Chalbi died of natural causes????
arizona49:  Faili Chalabi received the autopsy report http://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&tl=en&u=http://www.skypressiq.net/8970-%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D9%2581%25D9%258A%25D9%2584%25D9%258A%2520%25D9%258A%25D8%25AA%25D8%25B3%25D9%2584%25D9%2585%2520%25D8%25AA%25D9%2582%25D8%25B1%25D9%258A%25D8%25B1%2520%25D8%25AA%25D8%25B4%25D8%25B1%25D9%258A%25D8%25AD%2520%25D8%25AC%25D8%25AB%25D8%25A9%2520%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D8%25AC%25D9%2584%25D8%25A8%25D9%258A.html
mac:  Thanks AZ can you bring in the coin article? Please?
terryk:  i wonder
arizona49: Let me look
yabba dabba:  lead poision
mac:  Unfortunately that will be the conclusion officially.
terryk:  liqud drink
arizona49:  mac was that from today?
terryk:  james bond stuff
mac:  no yesterday
arizona49:  k hang on
mac:  They are going to try bonds again. yes!!!!!!
mac:  The IMF will back the return up to 50%.
terryk:  This is great news
mac:  So Iraqs' return rate is paying 5%, IMF pays the remaining 5-6%.
arizona49:  mac all I can find is Frank26 talking about it, is that the one you want?
terryk:  mac I asked room this the other night
terryk:  while in church the date 23 came to me
mac:  that would be fine AZ. THank you for looking.
mac:  ok TK
terryk:  the number 23
terryk:  dont know what it means
terryk:  other day before thanksgiving
mac:  If it is a date that is monday.
arizona49:  11/18/2015 Guru Frank26 The CBI and GOI are working so closely together, it seems that not much could slow things down now. Dr. Shabibi has made a decision to jump out of a plane and by doing so he is committed to pulling the ripcord...that airplane held Maliki and other bad men...but Dr. Shabibi is now unafraid of his own actions...he is intent on that ripcord, to be pulled at the appropriate time...indeed, he jumped into a beautiful horizon. We are also seeing more and more news articles talking about the lifting of 000’s. ...the Iraqi Finance Committee wants to “study how the USD works with the IQD”...don’t they realize by now how things work...how their economy is about to explode...the USD closed today at 99.75... incredible...it comes to meet the IQD............... IOO...we will not see the steps...the movement of the RI into the RV. Today they even talked about coins... ...there was an article that we saw today that talked of the IMF moving the program rate from 1166 to 1500...Stay focused on the idea that Iraq has a program rate, it matters not what it is...what matters is that they are moving as we speak towards an international rate. Dr. Shabibi is launching the Monetary Reform Rocket in December...but don’t run to it too early. Due to the full picnic basket Iraq will do very well very soon...give it time though. The Vietnamese dong will not be in the first basket but it too is poised...IMO...for 2016. [“Please Take Anything We Post From Other Dinar Sites As A Rumor"]
terryk:  oh wrong date
terryk:  thanks giving on 26
mac:  Why is oil below 45 p/brl TK?
terryk:  told u all it would hit 39
terryk:  then go up
terryk:  did that yesterday
terryk:  That's because USA has so much
terryk:  whupy o does not want pipeline
arizona49:  Brent stability and low US crude http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sandbox=0&sl=ar&tl=en&u=http://www.almaalomah.com/news/38684/%25D8%25A7%25D8%25B3%25D8%25AA%25D9%2582%25D8%25B1%25D8%25A7%25D8%25B1-%25D8%25A8%25D8%25B1%25D9%2586%25D8%25AA-%25D9%2588%25D8%25A7%25D9%2586%25D8%25AE%25D9%2581%25D8%25A7%25D8%25B6-%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D8%25AE%25D8%25A7%25D9%2585-%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D8%25A7%25D9%2585%25D9%258A%25D8%25B1%25D9%2583%25D9%258A--&usg=ALkJrhhWiDR-GuB6V7SU4cOgqOVSOf6Tyw
mac:  That really shocked me, I was thinking just when IRAQ finally picked a stable number, oil drops lower. Is this a good thing?
terryk:  yabba your quiet
terryk:  Mac if u were a guessing man
terryk:  nah not going to do that
terryk:  today is friday
mac:  Yes it is. But my perspective on weekends have changed. Rather than this being out news blackout time to wait till Monday, they are now days that move us closer to better developments then last week.
terryk:  mac I think they don't have a day
terryk:  did you all notice dinar was 1114 yesterday. Today 1112
arizona49:  tk going in the right direction
terryk:  yea, tell u how dumb some so called guru are
terryk:  they said 1500 was good
arizona49:  yep and were excited about it
mac:  We know the budget is in Parl, laws are staged to be VOTED on not read, fils are coming out, 50K notes will pull the remaining notes. Japan has billions to loan specifically for reconstruction. All parts are being assembled for this and it is close. IMO
terryk:  Yea Mac, this is a great time....God is GREAT
arizona49:  mac tk once they had the 2nd reading this week, is there a timeline they have to vote?
terryk:  30 days az
mac:  AZ if they dont vote after 30 days becomes law.
arizona49:  thank you both
Heather:  How many years did it take for Kuwait to increase their currency?
mac:  Heather can you be more specific about your question?
terryk:  we have waited a lot longer
Heather:  From time it crashed til it RV'd
Heather:  I know some in here have been in longer than I have and it's been 9 years for mehowever we have had 7 years of O
terryk:  Did u see Iraq changing
terryk:  no elections 10 years
Heather:  Yes I saw the fluxing, did that a few years ago if I'm not mistaken
Heather:  have seen pic's of the new bills they have
terryk:  On home page here
terryk:  we posted two weeks ago
mac:  Heather, I have been in a little longer but I dont compare Kuwait. That had a different means to do that. The world is in much worse shape than back then. Technology has speed up info to anyone looking. Back then 15% of Americans had internet and it was AOL. Cell Phones werent common either.
terryk:  yea this is like fast food vs gotta cook at home stuff
terryk:  day and night
Heather:  Thanks Mac and I do appreciate your answers. I am not one that is dependent on the RV but it would be nice to spend some before I kick the bucket
mac:  ABSOLUTELY heather. I am with you on that sentiment.
terryk:  ok all been fun gotta go.......like 39 min mac
terryk:  God Bless you all have a good weekend
arizona49:  terryk   have a good day, get well
terryk:  later all
tina:  Bye. tk
mac:  OK leaving now
jannilew:  thanks guys
tina:  Mac.. have a wonderful day
mac:  Things are great, we will have much to talk about on Monday provided some of these things get accomplished. so we will see. But we are not going backwards.
mac:  You are welcome Janni
arizona49:  mac have a great weekend,
mac:  You too AZ thank you for serving us as you do. Beach you also.
arizona49:  thank you, our pleasure .... enjoy

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