Thursday, November 12, 2015


TerryK Evening Drive By 11/11/2015 8:19pm est

terryk:  So what's going on tonight
terryk:  we rich yet
arizona49:  Hey TK not much, chillin
graciousme:  hey tk
arizona49:  if we are, no one told me 
terryk:  hmmmm
terryk:  hey gracious
terryk:  az
terryk:  so was told today that the HCL is amended and in the budget

kaycee:  Hey TK
arizona49:  terryk How are you feeling, cold any better?
terryk:  that means get ready
graciousme:  woo hooo
kaycee:  omg  I sure hope so
terryk:  this is about to rock
graciousme:  I am so ready
arizona49:  We are ready, bring it on
graciousme:  they are saying 4 x is showing 1086
terryk:  really
graciousme:  some say when it hits 1085 we will be on our way
terryk:  that;s major
graciousme:  1086.4

terryk:  Tomorrow is thur. I like it
arizona49:  Your Favorite day, other than Tues when Banks sync
terryk:  yep
graciousme: http://www.forex.tradingcharts.com/chart/US%20Dollar_Iraqi%20Dinar.html
graciousme:  1086
terryk:  better than 1166
arizona49:  1113.55 on xe
graciousme:  do u all see the 1086
arizona49:  1086.4 @ 20:27 forex
arizona49:  terryk Any thoughts on how far it would need to come down?

terryk:  For what
graciousme:  bingo time
terryk:  thats not the issue, it could keep dropping
terryk:  and just flip
graciousme:  hope it gets faster
arizona49:  gotcha TK
arizona49:  Godswarriordan Hey there, how are you feeling tonight?
terryk:  hey godswarrior
terryk:  welcome
Godswarriordan:  Great....TY for asking .....Good Evening TK
terryk:  hey beach
terryk:  mike

beach:  Hey there TK just back from church and had some soup
MikeH:  HI Terry
MikeH:  terry did you see this The Central Bank of Iraq, Wednesday, for issuing a new banknote fifty thousand Dinars category, attributing this to the completion of the Iraqi Securities monetary structure and the development of high-class value in circulation, as he emphasized that it contains "structures against attempts at counterfeiting Balastantsak". http://alrayy.com/158447.htm
terryk:  Yep I say we are there

MikeH:  I also saw a rumor that the lower denoms are read to be put on the streets I hope it is true
arizona49:  Sure am hoping so
terryk:  That would be great mike
graciousme:  .250(4.00)
graciousme:  is what we want
graciousme:  that is what we want it to show to be 4.00
arizona49:  gotcha, ty
terryk:  Ok all time for me to go
terryk:  God Bless
terryk:  see u tomorrow
beach:  good night TK
arizona49:  terryk Thank you for dropping in, take care of that cold & get well soon 
arizona49:  Yes you will, same place same time in the morning

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