Tuesday, November 10, 2015


TerryK Drive By 11/9/2015 7:18pm est

terryk:  What is going on
kaycee:  hey tk
terryk:  kaycee
terryk:  kkt
arizona49:  Hey tk how are you doing this evening?
terryk:  az

terryk:  sore hard time breathing pressure on left side of back
terryk:  but I will live
terryk:  thanks for asking
arizona49:  take care of yourself and get some rest
terryk:  so had a discussion with Mac this afternoon.....
terryk:  he feels very strong based on articles this am we are on the threshold of this blessing

arizona49:  Good discussion this morning, by the way 
terryk:  thanks
yabba dabba:  getting close so close amen
terryk:  yea yabba
terryk:  it's exciting times for sure
yabba dabba:  glad to be here ty
terryk:  what did michigander say
arizona49:  hang on & I'll bring him in

terryk:  cool looks good 
arizona49:  thought so too
arizona49:  Not sure what anyone could find other than good, positive and progressive movement
terryk:  Ok all time for me to go
terryk:  later  God Bless 
arizona49:  later TK take care and get well soon

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