Monday, November 9, 2015


"Intel Received at 10:10 AM PST" - Chronicle Report from Terra

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Chronicle Report for 11/8/15 at 8:39 PM EST

I have received great intel today. Considering Deep Source's latest post (Link), it seems that things are once again on the move.

> Good Morning

> I would like to inform you that the Chinese Treasury will begin to RELEASE the TRNs, Backed by Gold Bullion, starting TOMORROW.

> The CURRENCIES - Iraq Dinars - Vietnam Dongs, Zim Zims - will be the FIRST Assets to be redeemed by the Chinese Treasury.

> The Banks who are involved are HSBC, Duetsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of China, Barclays Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland Offshore - Designated Wells Fargo Bank Branches and Bank of Jerusalem, Beverly Hills will have TTMs (Table Top Meetings) for the Sellers and their Legal Representatives in the US.

> These Banks have the Counting Machines and the TRNs for Ledger to Ledger transactions.

> I have the Procedures and Prices for the Currencies. We Validate the Packages FIRST.

> The Historical Bond Boxes and Certificates will follow.

> The CASH OUT process will take a number of months to complete the Chinese Redemption Program.

Apologies, I must keep the name and contact information anonymous for privacy concerns.

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