Monday, November 30, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.   SUPER Short call today.

Tony:  I hope you are Super Fantastic, because I believe we have finally made it to the "Promise Land."
Weekend:  Heard it was gone.  Should have gone.  Banks brought people in on Saturday.  Rates on the board.  Last Thursday, last Friday, even Saturday, all information said rates were pushed out to the banks.  Sat. they were supposed to be pushed out to regional banks.  People sitting waiting for 1:00 pm Saturday, said it was going live at 1:00 pm and here we are this morning.  We are still waiting.
Rates still there but not completed to transaction.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  Rates are sitting there.  They just need the transaction codes.  Someone in Iraq, in the parliament/banking system believes that after the IMF meeting, after China is included, rates will be official tomorrow, their time (which is our time tonight)  He said we should be in our banks Tuesday/Wednesday. 
Tony:  Remember, Exchange, Exchange, Exchange.  That is the key word!
IRAQ:  Early this morning, the lower denom's were being released to some of the regions, although not throughout Iraq.   Tony:  Iraq says we should be in the bank on Tuesday or Wednesday.  They can announce it after the meeting, or tomorrow so that it starts on the first day of a calendar month.  Their first of December will be later tonight for us. 

  • Canada Dinarian exchanged over the weekend for .13 for ZIM.47 Dong, .87 Rupiah and the money is 100% available to her this morning. She did have to wait 48 hours for a background check.. NOTE:  Our rates can very well be different from Canada.
  • IMF:  Rates change on the first of the month, and that is another reason Tony thinks we will see the RV tomorrow.  
  • Rates         
UNITED STATES:     Tony:  It’s already official here, and the banks think something will happen tonight or tomorrow and this will all be over with.
  • UST:    
  • Banks:  Executives having final meeting for release preparation at this time.  Security has been called into the banks.  Tony:  A lot of smaller banks and branches were notified this weekend;  those branches will not be doing exchanges, but were notified that exchanges are coming up.  Why would they do that if it were not to take place?  Additional security showed up at many banks today, and top executives are meeting right now for their final preparations.  They are in meetings right now!  So we are getting ready to go. 

TONY:  Might do another call this evening if they let us.  If not we will do it tomorrow if that's what it takes.  If anything SF happens after the meeting will try and Tweet it out to you.
PAM:  Hope it's a SF day.  Great news.  Canada has great information.  We are there.  Have your plans.  Get ready so you don't have to get ready.  You know more than you think you do.
RAY:  It's a Marvelous Monday. Rejoice and be glad in it.
TONY:  Pam has said, in case it does happen, incase they don't put out information, you guys have it.  Given you several scenarios, guidelines.  If it was Tony, this is what I would do.  Go talk to everybody, swap information.  . ..  I don't think anyone will try and cheat you.  They are there for business, just like you are.  May the best business person win.
Know, a closed mouth doesn't get fed.  Nothing beats a failure but a try.  Remember, Exchange, Exchange, Exchange.  That is the key word.
Don't be scared.  It's just a business transaction.  It's not the end of the world.  Just don't be scared.  Be professional.  Don't get mad.  Especially when it's in the bank.  That person might help you.

You might run into people who will be upset during the exchange. They missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime, they’ve just found out this is real, and they might be put out. Be as polite as you can.  They are just finding out it's real.  Be as professional as you can.  Get the best rate you can.
Again, as I get the information and it's super fantastic I will Tweet it out.  We will be here to do whatever we need to do. Enjoy the rest of your day and hopefully we'll be back to give you the information you need.  I'm gong to enjoy mine and life will be Super Fantastic.

BECAUSE The Fat Lady is warming up . . .

I'll see you on the bus . . .  Pam's bus???

To take us to the cruise  . . . 
Remember to have fun out there in Dinar land.  It's just life.  And it's temporary.  
On the 10th day post RV, we will all be joined as one in our endeavor to pay it forward and change many lives.                 May the blessings be.

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