Thursday, November 19, 2015

Najib: New plans to issue new currency less than 250 dinars coin

Najib: New plans to issue new currency less than 250 dinars coin
November 19, 2015 

A commission of economy and investment plans for new parliamentary Central Bank intends to implement is to issue less cash currency of category 250 dinars, and a new edition to the category of 500 dinars. "
He said committee member Najiba Najib said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news that "the central bank has new plans to issue a new currency less than the category of the 250 Iraqi dinars to fill the Iraqi market needs, as well as to issued a new edition of the Currency 500 dinars category."
The CBI had announced earlier issued a new banknote fifty thousand Dinars category in order to complete the Iraqi Securities monetary structure, and the development of high value in the trading category. 

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