Friday, November 13, 2015

MNT. GOAT UPDATE :Our 1st golden nugget of the day, 13 NOV

Our 1st golden nugget of the day – We know that last Tuesday parliament conducted the first reading of the 2016 budget.
Today we read articles from the news media in Iraq telling us that parliament intends to conduct the second reading of the 2016 budget on next Monday 11/16.
Since when have they had two readings in the same week? Our 2nd golden nugget of the day –  …out pops another news article that the Amnesty law will finally get its first reading in parliament.  …just about a week since the passing of the National Guard law they are in fact now addressing Amnesty.I have always known that Amnesty is required prior to any RV.
Our 3rd golden nugget of the day – Thursday 11/12 will be the Second reading of a bill defining the mandates of the three presidencies. Wow!
Folks we are [on] the cusps of the final conclusions to what we have been waiting for so long. The news is terrific and we shall see an RV shortly and I firmly believe it will be sooner than later. This is the period of real change Iraq and it is all now happening at warp speed.

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