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Hello Everyone.
Sorry everyone. Today’s news letter is VERY long once again. Really I am trying to shorten them. It is all very interesting especially about two very controversial articles from the CBI as of lately. These articles seem to be contradicting all the efforts made in the last month on the project to “delete the zeros”. It can get confusing.
I am only reporting on these articles and trying to make sense of them just like you are. So let’s work together and see if we can make any sense of this latest news and what it means to our investment and this ongoing RV saga.
Today’s News
Today is Friday November 27th and still no RV. Hope everyone had a super fantastic Thanksgiving in USA?
This is the only “super fantastic” news you are going to get today….lol…lol…
I still feel we are very close to the ultimate RV but now the process is stalled again. So today let us take a look at truly why it is stalled and when we can expect to see more progress. Are there still needed laws that may have stalled it? Could it be they need Maliki and his goons dealt with?
Update: Currency Reform
This week there is BIG news again only we are very surprised to see these kind of announcements and it may not be so bad after all.
But before we jump to conclusions we must take a hard look at the articles and remember what is going on. First please read the article below and read it carefully. It is full of information and ties together many of the smaller articles we have been reading in the past couple days. I will attempt to make sense of it.
I will comment on the article afterwards.
Article Begins
Baghdad, Mohammed Hadi
Is heading the Iraqi Central Bank to postpone the launch of the 50th class thousand dinars for reasons organizational according to informed sources.
The central bank announced earlier this month issued a new banknote category fifty thousand dinars, attributing this to the completion of the Iraqi banknotes structure and the development of high-class value in the trading.

and told Informed sources from within the central bank correspondent “the world”, said on Monday that “the central bank for the release of a class of 50 thousand dinars until early next year for special reasons the process of issuing new currency in the local market organization.”
The sources added, that “the central had intended his staff the distribution of salaries for this month in the new currency, but the wait the decision came as a surprise to prevent that.
“The effects of the announcement of the new monetary Category sensation in economic circles, as counted specialists in financial affairs gateway to the heights chronic inflation and the beginning of a great weakness in the local currency value , while others say it will contribute to facilitating business transactions and pave the way for the process of deleting the zeros and the withdrawal of the small coins.
The governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords during a press conference yesterday that “the Central Bank is facing different pressures.”
Keywords and added that “print currency fifty thousand dinars do not lead to inflation or raise prices, “pointing out that” the currency came against the currencies damaged that it was printed as well as to respond to the requests of the Iraqis in terms of trading and transfer money the fact that the recent currency category 25 thousand low compared to the existing monetary mass.”
Article Ends
First let us look at  the FACTS about the 50k notes and take a step back to many of the recent and past articles. Remember these are FACTS and not rumors, Iraq told us this information. Remember all those GOLDEN NUGGETS I presented to you?
1. We know from at least three articles that came from the CBI and the Ministry of Finance that in fact they did launch the 50k notes already. I have friends in Iraq too that have them. They even released pictures of them to me. We are even seeing the 50k for sale on ebay.
2. We were outright told by the CBI that the 50k notes were being used to draw in the 10k and 25 notes out of circulation.
I quote from the article itself – “that a new class is issued by the central bank in return will withdraw the class 25 000 or 10 000. Little, the central bank announced in November 11, 2015 for issuing banknotes category 50 000 dinars.”
3. We also know the ultimate purposes of these notes: (told us these FACTS. I am not speculating)
I quote from the article itself – “to issue more secure currency and a note that the citizens needed to conduct business higher than the 25k note”.
4. We know the 10k and 25 notes (the most widely used notes) are old, torn and damaged. Many you can’t even  make out the face on the notes. The citizens are complaining and want replacements currency. But they do not want more of the same. They want instead lower denominations and to get out of this inflated currency with these 3 zeros. They want value to their currency again.
I quote from the article – “the currency came against the currencies damaged that it was printed as well as to respond to the requests of the Iraqis in terms of trading and transfer money the fact that the recent currency category 25 thousand low compared to the existing monetary mass. ”
5. We know that the 50k and the 250 dinar notes will remain in circulation and become part of the Iraqi permanent currency (along with the smaller lower denominations) post RV. I personally have seen pictures of stock piles of the newer lower denominations paper notes and coins in the banks ready for release soon after they launched the 50k notes. So they told us currency less than the $250 notes would soon be distributed. They also told us another new note the 500 dinar would also be launched soon. We know this note too is part of the permanent currency going forward along with the 250 and the 50k notes.
I quote from the article itself – “A commission of economy and investment plans for new parliamentary Central Bank intends to implement is to issue less cash currency of category 250 dinars, and a new edition to the category of 500 dinars.”
I quote from the article below – “’new banknote to the category of 50 thousand dinars WILL COMPLETE THE BANKNOTES IN CIRCULATION SERIES CURRENTLY and will increase its ability to meet the public requirements, and that the issuance of this class or any other class will not be accompanied by the withdrawal of any class of trading” .
But days later they announced a new 500 notes so how can the 50k them complete the banknotes when they have not yet launched the new 500 notes? Maybe they mean the 3 zero notes.
Knowing all this information now lets take a close look at the article from above. The article that has everyone so painfully worried and upset.
First I want to tell you there is a problem with the translation from Arabic to English. The article is really telling us the 50k project has been temporarily halted and will not resume again until early next year. Halted got translated to “postponed”. How do I know this? How can I be so sure?
THINK, THINK and THINK again folks back to what I keep telling you. When you read any article you must remember the FACTS that you already know as FACTS and be ready to apply them. So since we have FACTUAL evidence they already launched the 50k notes then how in hell can they now be just “postponing” the launching till early next year?  Does not make any sense and so it does not make any sense.
Wow! Now that we got that settled we must look at the WHY they are temporarily HALTING this effort to continue with the 50k notes. Remember too they first told us they would not even be launched until early December but they instead pulled a fast one on us and launched them in early November. So we know some hanky panky is going on here too. Let us not forget this also.
So why would they suddenly HALT the 50k notes? Let us look at the reasons they are telling us in the article I presented above.
1. Sounds to me like they wanted to launch yet more 50k notes to pay the salaries for the month of December but instead there were a lot of arguments over why not use  the SMART cards. So they decided to use the SMART cards again to pay these salaries for December.
I quote from the article below – “the central had intended his staff the distribution of salaries for this month in the new currency, but the wait the decision came as a surprise to prevent that”.
3.The political stance on these new 50k  notes is just too controversial right now?  Many may still believe they will bring hyper- inflation and there are a lot of citizens and politicians against this move. Again I tell you the people don’t want more of these 3 zero notes. What they want are the lower denominations and to have added value to them.
I quote from the article below– “The governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords during a press conference yesterday that “the Central Bank is facing different pressures.”
I quote from the article – “Keywords and added that “print currency fifty thousand dinars do not lead to inflation or raise prices, “pointing out that” the currency came against the currencies damaged that it was printed as well as to respond to the requests of the Iraqis in terms of trading and transfer money the fact that the recent currency category 25 thousand low compared to the existing monetary mass. ”
So another CBI Announcement late Wednesday – article below:
Article Begins
(Statement) received the CBI gratefully public remarks and some professionals, politicians and the media for banknote which intends to issuance of a class (fifty thousand Dinars) We were pleased with all their content to our belief that this paper captured the attention it deserves and care, and gave us more opportunities to identify the trends of public opinion and to provide appropriate clarifications and the bank would like to recall follows
Article Ends
So are they now telling us they are recalling these 50k notes. It appears they are very confused about what to do about these notes. Instead of sticking to a plan they cave into political pressures and spoil their plan. We just have to watch and see how this all plays out. But one thing we do know for sure is their plan and how they began to execute it. It also appears there is some timeline lurking on the 2016 horizon that Iraq knows it must face if they do not get this currency issue straight and fix it before. The time bomb is ticking….tic, toc, tic, toc…
Article Begins
BAGHDAD / Obelisk:
The Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, that the issuance of 50 thousand dinars category will not be accompanied by the withdrawal of any other category of trade, pointing out that the issuance of this class or any other class does not affect the inflation and deflation.
The bank said in a statement seen by ‘Obelisk’, The ‘new banknote to the category of 50 thousand dinars will complete the banknotes in circulation series currently and will increase its ability to meet the public requirements, and that the issuance of this class or any other class will not be accompanied by the withdrawal of any class of trading’ .
He said the bank, that the ‘Print banknote and put it in the trading process (released) are not related to the topic of public spending and not unrelated to state resources or to strengthen their capacity in spending’, adding ‘there is a link between what is marked by the Central Bank of banknotes, and between the cash version achieved as a result of withdrawals from banks balances has’.
He continued, that ‘the issuance of this paper or any paper higher or lower value is not connected with nor impact on the economic situation, or in inflation or deflation’.
The Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday (November 11, 2015) for issuing a new banknote fifty thousand Dinars category, attributing this to the completion of the Iraqi Securities monetary structure and the development of high value in the trading category.
Article Ends

Update: Nori al -Maliki Saga
Today I am presenting you with an article that tells us where the case against Maliki stands in the court system of Iraq. Here is the juicy part of this article below-
I quote directly from the article– “According to judicial sources private Iraqi, he ‘was an implicit agreement to freeze proceedings against al-Maliki, which led to the overthrow of three prominent judges, and refer them to retire, after they refused to comply with the recommendations of the government and parliament”.
In other words now we know why the proceedings against Maliki were stalled in Iraq for his actions concerning Mosul. Basically three of the judges froze the proceedings and refused to hear the case further. So we now see these judges are being forced into retirement. Seems to me they want to (and will) move forward with this case.
They are also telling us the evidence is overwhelming against Maliki.
I quote from the article – “’once you enter the al-Maliki of the Court, it is impossible to go out without a conviction.”
So now we watch and wait to see what happens next…..stay tuned to more on this saga…..
Remember no prosecution of Maliki then NO RV ! I have said this dozens of times already and will stand by my strong conviction.
Why do I keep telling you this? Is it because I am a pessimist?  Is it because I dislike Maliki so much?  Maybe it’s because the USA govt itself told me this is mandated to complete the elimination fully out of Chapter VII sanctions?  When only left Article 8, currency reform remains. You decide why then prosecution Maliki ordeal is so important now. The ICC already spoke up and told Iraq either you take him down or we will.
So if they move forward with this case it will only add to move the RV forward.
Article Begins
Wednesday, November 25.2015
Wrote Osman chosen: a sudden, I stopped four files a lawsuit against the former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki, in the tribunals Rusafa first second and Karkh in Baghdad, as well as the court of the Iraqi High Criminal, and the Iraqi integrity, and that all charges’ involvement fall of Mosul at the hands of the organization of the Islamic State ( Daash) ‘,’altort crimes and sectarian killings in Kirkuk, Anbar and Nineveh’, and’akhva forced his opponents in Baghdad and Diyala ‘, and’amilit financial and administrative corruption, notably the arms deals with Russia, Ukraine and Iran. ” And rejects the Supreme Judicial Council in the country to address the cause of stopping judicial proceedings against al-Maliki, is also committed to parliamentary political blocs silence, and avoid government Haider Abadi, responding to reporters’ questions, including ‘Arab reporter new’, were three questions on the subject, through the communication window to the Prime Minister directing with journalists through its website.
According to judicial sources private Iraqi, he ‘was an implicit agreement to freeze proceedings against al-Maliki, which led to the overthrow of three prominent judges, and refer them to retire, after they refused to comply with the recommendations of the government and parliament’.
The leaked local SITES conflicting about the threat of al-Maliki to partners yesterday to disclose their files in case they paid for the trial. Experts Iraqi law and asserts that ‘once you enter the al-Maliki of the Court, it is impossible to go out without a conviction.
“In this context, says Iraqi minister prominent, that’ al-Maliki promised to drag everyone with him in the case issued a judiciary warrant for his arrest, a sufficient reason to freeze issue ‘.The minister adds that ‘talk that Iran opposes the trial of al-Maliki, which greatly exaggerated, the fact that the man has become a paper burned and fell popularly even in cities that he enjoyed strong popularity. But why stop the judicial proceedings against him is that al-Maliki, the leaders of political blocs have threatened that he would not go to court alone, and will open another corrupted files affect ministers and political leaders and members of senior men in Iraq.
‘Reveals that’ al-Maliki waving move a lawsuit corruption precedent against al-Abadi, when he was minister Telecom ‘. The minister shows that the ‘al-Maliki threatened to drag others with him by revealing files and documents corruption affect everyone gag calling by referring to eliminate the campaign.
“He also points out that’ the inauguration of Bashar al-Araji, the son of director Maliki’s office, the team Farouk al-Araji, the position of the first judge, then promoted to the post of President of the Court Supreme terrorism, although that did not exceed the 32-old-year-old, was among several taken by al-Maliki fortifications to protect itself through intimidate others to open corrupted files against them, or to silence honest issues through malicious move against them ‘. The minister points out that ‘al-Maliki apparently succeeded in doing so.’
Tried to Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari last week, dodging the question of a journalist in the Saudi capital Riyadh, while attending the South external America ministers and Arab Conference, about the fate of al-Maliki. But Jaafari finally answered, after the urgency of the journalist, saying that ‘the judiciary in his country is the owner of the upper floor in the classroom in the involvement of Nuri al-Maliki or not’, stressing that ‘there is no Iraqi official over justice’.
However, the leader of the ‘Iraqi Forces Union’ Hamid al-Mashhadani, a statement said al-Jaafari as a ‘patent instrument for the owners, because the judiciary is subject to the authority of al-Maliki and still’. He adds al-Mashhadani, saying that ‘al-Maliki threatened everyone, even the people closest to him, within the Dawa Party, as Segerhm all to the court, and sent to each document a large financial corruption against them, even if Abadi Pat avoids mention paragraph bring corrupt to eliminate or course of the inquiry the fall of Mosul’.
From For his part, indicates’ the Sadrists’ member of the Basra province visual Hussein, that ‘al-Maliki could escape punishment now, but it is certain that he will not succeed in this until the end. ” He continues, ‘We all know what he did in Iraq, al-Maliki of sectarian killings and financial corruption and bankruptcy of Iraq because of him, and causing the entry of Daash, but who wants his trial is also corrupt like him.
Consequently, there is cover in the subject’. The Supreme Judicial Council in Iraq and refuses to disclose the course of the cause of the fall of Mosul and the rest of the charges against the owners, stressing at the last journalist to clarify his published by the Iraqi government channel end of last month that ‘all the issues under scrutiny before starting any action in accordance with the internal legal system in due process in Iraq. ”
Article Ends
Beginning of Questions and Answers
Question: MDC – “It seems that another has reported that on Iraqi TV it was apparently stated that the 50K Dinar Note’s launch was being postponed until “early 2016” – I know that a number of us are wondering what you’re thoughts are about this apparent announcement?”
Answer: This was an excellent question and I have it covered in my explanation above under the currency reform section of this news letter. Thanks
Question: 50 Now – “Wait I guess I do have a question sorry, what are you going to do when this is over. I hope you never forget us small people. I hope you continue to help people with your talent. Like I said in the past you should write a book, you are very good at what you do.”
Answer: After the RV I will continue on with my life as I am today. I too am a small and simple person. I will address getting my two girls into an excellent ivory league college maybe sending to USA and pay out of RV money. I still have many relatives in USA since I am a USA citizen   I can travel freely and will make many trips to visit.  Sorry no books or aftermath on this saga. I am strictly  here for the time being to help sort out this dinar RV intel mess since most can’t. I witness many getting hurt such as losing money, getting scammed and all hyped up with anxieties and stress over absolutely nothing. I stepped in years ago and so that is all I intend to do. Sorry.
I want to address something in this regards that really bothers me too. You know we are all heroes in our own small way. We often think of ourselves as “small” and insignificant but in fact with all have huge hearts and we can make a difference. We all really want just to be happy. Some find artificial happiness in drugs and alcohol. They think they are insignificant. In reality they just want to be loved.
We are all on this planet for a reason as we traveled from our spiritual home through the birth cannel and popped out into this world. We must live out our destiny. But what is this destiny? It is simple. It is not complicated. It is living out our lives using our fullest of talents the best way we can. This is it and it could not be any simpler. So if you are good with wood – be a carpenter, if you are good with the soil and growing things – be a farmer, if you are good at homemaking and enjoy having babies – be a mother, etc, etc… there are nothing bad about anyone destiny. Do not be ashamed or think of what others say. It is yours and so own it! It is truly the only way you will ever find TRUE HAPPINESS.  No social taboos, rules or class structure can effect your happiness.
I get bashed all the time because of my simple life’s passions. I have an enormous attachment to the Apline mountains. This began when I first visited my Hubby’s village in Bavaria. That day I fell in love with the village and its people. I was already in love with him and so it was a perfect match. You see my destiny to be here in Bavaria and with him making our own little family and living out a simple life. Oh my family said I was crazy. They asked why move to Germany? They told my I did not even know the language. They told me I could do better with my life since I was smarter than most, etc, etc. This was all of their reasons for me not to do my passion. But what about me? How did I feel inside about it all? So I had to ask myself  this – is it my life or theirs?  And so I want everyone please to remember this today when you have all this money. It is not the money that should guide you but instead allow it to give you the OPPORTUNITY for living out your destiny, your passions and your dreams.
Question: TJP- Should we expect to pay up to 50% of our Investment, post RV in taxes to the Government. I’ve heard some say, because this is an exchange we won’t be taxed, however I don’t see how we would escape the tax man. If, this is not a question for you I won’t be offended if you choose not to answer it.
Answer: First of all saving 50% for taxes is a just in case and be SAFE scenario. Obviously you are not listening to what people are telling you. You listen with only one ear open. They are not saying you will be paying 50% in taxes. They are trying instead to help you so you don’t spend all you money then later have the IRS come after you for the taxes that you already spent. So better to be SAFE than SORRY. Get it?
About the next question – Listen to me TJP, and everyone else reading, for the last blasted time. STOP LISTENING TO THESE INTEL CALLS. There will be NO TAX BREAK. Did you read my lips this time – NO TAX BREAK! You should consult a tax professional post RV and we should not even be discussing this matter or asking these kind of questions to any except licensed professionals. What do they always tell you? – “Go consult a tax attorney?” Right? So do you think I am a tax attorney? So them why do you ask me this question now? I am telling you I only run a modest bed and breakfast Gasthaus in Bavaria and so I can not help you. I also live in Germany and will be taxed under German tax law. I will however give you my sincere opinion if you want one for USA citizens standpoint.
You will be following the current tax code as is of the USA if you live in USA. If you really listened to what was being said to you on these intel calls many already told you that the current IRS code has casual amounts only of foreign currency exchanges up to a certain very low limit (something like $250 equivalent in USD after exchanging) that may be non- taxable. This provision is for tourists coming back from vacations with left over “incidental” foreign currency and just want to get rid of it.
So poo poo to anyone making blank statements about this investment being a non- taxable event in USA.
You tell them they are full of doggie poo. Don’t be afraid to challenge them on these so called “intel calls”. Keep challenging them until you get an answer and not some run around answer to your honest and heart felt question. Who cares if you create controversy and maybe they hand up on you or put you on mute. In the long run you will help so many others because they too will begin to snap out of the brain washing done to them now for years.  Somewhere we must draw the line.
It has to start with each and everyone of you!  Don’t be afraid to challenge them, many of which know far less than you do since you have been reading Mnt Goat and you know much better now, don’t you?
So you tell me how in hell anyone is going to meet this non-taxable event exchange provision in the IRS code when any of the three zero notes (exchanging at a $4.00+ exchange rate)(1,000, 5,000, 10,000, or 25,000. Do the math. Go ahead and let me know. I am listening!
Even at a $1.00 exchange rate if you hold just one of these 3 zero notes it does not qualify. So let’s take the smallest of them all the $1,000 dinar note. If you exchanged just one notes (cause someone gifted it to you) this would be $1,000 IQD to USD if exchanged to USD. Does this meet the $250 limit? So you see just how silly this entire TAX FREE stuff is.
Even the smallest one the $1,000 note will be worth $1,000 USD (but most don’t even have these notes anyhow since they will be remaining in circulation). So you listen to this and selectively pick out ONLY what you want to hear and not the entire statements of what is really being said to you. Why are you relying on someone other than a professional anyhow –like asking me. This is the problem with many of you investors. You say you want only professionals on your team but you don’t act like it.
But this is the fault of these so called “gurus” too since they don’t always offer the entire story to you either. But now you know it. Can we please put this one to bed. Just another useless rumor. I do not want ANY more tax questions. THERE WILL BE NO TAX BREAK!  You will be paying SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM CAPITAL GAINS on the profit gained from the exchange. Of course I am not a tax attorney and you should consult with one.
So why do these gurus (intentionally or unintentionally) keep this tax issue alive?
These gurus keep this tax issue alive since it is ONLY USED TO KEEP YOU HYPED UP AND SUCKER YOU IN SO YOU KEEP DIALLING INTO THEIR SO CALLED INTEL CALLS. They want you to keep asking about the currency status of any changes in the taxes. This was they keep you engaged. What happens by doing this?
They do this so the called intel “gurus” can get there click count up to sell more space for advertisers or maybe get you to donate to their sites.
Question: HARZION- “you talk about MIDLE EAST –does that include ISRAEL when you talk about RV and Exchange rates in your last letter? “
Answer:  If you are referring to the expiration of the three zero notes timeline applied to Middle East this does means the ENTIRE Middle East. Your banks in Israel should know the timeline since if they did happen to exchange these notes after the timeline then tried to bring them to Iraq CBI for payment they would be rejected and your account would be debited for this amount.
If you already spent the money you will still be liable to the bank for the full amount and have to return it. Kind of like bouncing a check. Basically you get screwed. THIS IS WHY I AM WARNING YOU NOW! Get it ?
On a global scale is Israel part of the Middle East compared to the western world? Well –there ya go!  Can it be any clearer? Not the banks fault you have so much terrorism and violence in the Middle East ! Clean up you act and  maybe they wouldn’t have had the restriction on it in the first place.
Question: RV Please- “I have a question Mtn Goat… Doesnt IRAQ have to be in Article 8 for their currency to be international? and… According to IMF rules.. once an RV occurs…Isnt it true that they can only increase the value 2% every 90 days… or 8% a year? So..for instance..if they RV at a Dollar.. the most it could be the next year would be 1.08… Correct?“
Answer:  Hey RV Please I am going to give you good rap over the head….lol….Did you read my last couple news letters? Please go back and re-read them (LINK) cause you are making me mad.
I have addressed this question very clearly in many, many news letters already and if you have been reading them you should know better than to ask this question. Did I not say the initial rate to launch the lower denoms is NOT THE RV and the RV would happen 4-7 days or more later? This initial significant increase in  rate for Iraq is only  draw in the 3 zero notes and the USD off the streets as the final step for Iraq.
Also their rate is not your rate, unless you are living in Iraq – do you?  So the rest of your question is just trivial and I can not answer. In USA they expect a $4.00+ initial rate. Once the RV does occur world wide (like glabal) and on the exchanges world wide then they will follow some kind of currency regime. We are told a FLOAT would has  already been decided upon and they told us already in two articles. But we don’t know what kind of float (fixed vs float). Probably a float. So now do you see how foolish your question is. I can see nothing but misinformation and worry in your question. These are all things not to worry about. The rate will be excellent and all will be happy. Take the initial rate if you are happy. if not then risk it with the float. Again stay with the FACTS. What we do know whatever the Kuwait rate is at the time of the RV the Iraqi dinar rate will be about 20% over that rate even when it settles down. But remember the Kumaiti dinar can go up and down too. No guarantees on anything since most of the rate adjustments post RV going forward are going to be by software  driven and evaluated by factors and parameters fed into the systems. No one will know one the date or rate of any future RVs.
And – YES Iraq must meet Article 8 provisions to get fully out of chapter VII sanctions thus a return from the post war “provisional” currency to their right full “permanent” currency.
Question: WER- “have a question about Maliki claim that sacking the 3 presidents is unconstitutional do you think this. could wreck Abaidis reforms”
Answer:  How long has it been already since Abadi announced the sacking of these 3 positions? Didn’t he do it last August?  That makes almost 3 months already. Do you witness it holding up any of his reforms so far? Don’t you think if it was improper he would have been stopped dead in his tracks politically over this issue? Don’t you think this would have wrecked his career by now as he would have been perceived as  the “new” dictator replacing Maliki as Maliki claims he is? Did he not go to the parliament and they voted too on this move? Did Iraq already get passed 3 pay periods not paying out any salaries too over these positions? Why is Maliki singing the loudest over this move? So what is your question again ….lol…..
Obviously I need all you folks to begin to THINK for yourselves. You all have the answers only you don’t trust yourselves and that is bad. I always said – if you can’t trust yourself who can you trust? Most of you have been on these calls and read these forums and articles. So why don’t you apply your knowledge then? Why always depending on someone else to give you all the answers? Where the heck do you think we, as intel providers, get our information?
Question: TOM – “I need to find out how I can get hold of you IF I have any questions AFTER RV? “
Answer: So just what “questions” will you have post RV?
Any questions you may have post RV should be handled by LICENSED PROFESSIONALS and not people like me anyhow. How many time must we tell you?  Get it into your head. Trust only LICENSED, EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONALS  to help you with this money afterwards. I luv you all but give me a break I am not about to be bombarded with everyone afterwards. Just appreciate that I am now providing this much to you….lol….
Now if you wanted contact info because you wanted to relate to me on a personal level? All I can say is I get hundreds of emails every week of people attempting to contact me personally. Again I don’t know any of you from a hole in the wall. Many of you in the past made nice gestures until I challenged your info. Then you got mean and nasty to me as the bashing began. Same people over and over again spoil it for everyone. Do you really believe for one second I am going to share my home address or even a personal cell phone number with you or anyone? I am not that crazy – Sorry folks. I luv my family and will protect them. The world existed long before I was born. I do not make the world but  I must learn to live in it.
Update: Fighting ISIS
Article Begins
Alsumaria News / Baghdad
The leader of the Supreme Islamic Council and Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi, Tuesday, that Iraq will witness the last breath to regulate “Daash” over the next six months.
Zabdi said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that “the Middle East region, particularly Syria, Iraq and envelope on a Hot Tin”.
He added that “Daash in continuous collapse of the international coalition succeeded fragmentation of this terrorist organization economically and militarily after the entry of the French and the Russians strongly is clear and progress achieved by Iraqi security forces and the popular crowd,” adding that “Iraq will witness the last breath of Daash in Anbar and Mosul during the next six months.” .
It raises attempts to “Daash” to impose its control over Syria and Iraq concern to the international community, as expressed several countries, including Arab and foreign “concerned” about the attempts to organize this, before THE INTERNATIONAL COALITION LED BY WASHINGTON with air strikes to sites organized in different parts of the two countries
Article Ends
One more item today:
Let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe their success is in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.
“May there be a hedge of protection surrounding them and let the Victory be theirs against these evil doers who have no regard for humanity! We will pray until we see Victory! Amen.”
All these prayers seem to be working.
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All.

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