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Hello Everyone.
Just thought it was a good idea to pass on to everyone what I am learning since this process is moving forward so quickly now. Anything could literally happen any day now but they officially told us this would not happen until early December. We are only about 2 weeks from early December.
So in Monday’s news letter, dated 11/16,  I presented to you “the plan” as to how Iraq intends to do now that will ultimately trigger RV. I will not outline the entire process again today but I need to add more information today to assist you.
Just remember the initial increase in rate is much lower than the RV rate later and it IS NOT THE REVALUATION OR REINISTATEMENT.
I said that the mechanism for ultimately doing the RV later  lays on the launching of the 50k notes very soon. This will trigger off the entire process. This is why I have been emphasizing and watching the timing of this event so closely in our list of events for currency reform to watch.
I also said we might not even be aware when they do this and it might pass right over us. This is going to be tricky to monitor.
I also mentioned that when they do this it will be very sudden and not a gradual rise in the value of the 3 zero notes (as some say it will be a gradual float and this is not true.).  Some intel “gurus” have told you with absolutely no proof or FACTS to back up what they say.
In fact there are some that say it may even take years for the value rise on this float to the level we expect ($4.00+). Really? Do you really believe this nonsense? If this was true there would be no RV nor any need for all the plans that we are now hearing.
So these kind of statements are ridiculous, just rumors, guessing and it is very apparent these same people simply do not know the process at all.
Then they say in their same conversation – oh but it may then take only 6 months to rise in value once on a float. Really?  Give me a break!  So which is it months or years? Again shows they have no clue what is going on and about to happen.
So Iraq will simply one day suddenly pop out 90 cents to maybe just over $1.00 rate to the value to replace the 11660 rate. It will be sudden and we will all be very surprised.
They will then launch the lower denominations which will equal the same value as the new rate for the 3 zero notes (since the new rate must apply to all dinars since the dinars are the currency) and will coincide until they “sucker” in the majority of the remainder of these 3 zero notes.
Remember I said equal to the SAME value and they will COINCIDE with the 3 zero notes for a certain period of time. When have we heard this before?
As I explain all this in my last news letter, many have asked me – Why would Iraqi citizens just use the US dollar to exchange for the new lower denominations since almost 80-90% of the currency is US dollars anyhow instead of using the 3 zero notes?
So now I am telling you they will use US dollars too but the 3 zero notes will have more value (remember the new rate has to be over the value of the US dollar) and they will want to exchange them first for the lower denominations. So wouldn’t you want to get more for your money?
But if you only have US dollars, sure the banks will gladly also accept them  but they will not exchange for as many of the new lower denomination dinars.
The people are not stupid too and they know the RV is just around the corner and so they will want to get as much of this new lower denoms currency as possible in anticipation of a future rise at least equal to pre-war levels (at least this is what they think).
So after a time period once the CBI launches all these projects, most of the 3 zero notes will be out of circulation and all that they will be left is US dollars and so the de-dollarization process begins.
The IMF needs the ratio of US dollars to be at or below a certain specified  level. It is the job of the CBI to get the currency to that level. Iraq fully intends to use only the lower denominations (and the 50k and 100k) notes as their currency going forward in the future. These notes and the coins is all that will remain as legal tender in Iraq.
At some point in time INSIDE Iraq, did I say only INSIDE Iraq,  these 3 zero notes will become ILLEGAL tender and so the people will be forced to use the lower denoms even if they still had the 3 zero notes stashed under their mattresses. Too bad if you missed the deadline! We wait for them to tell us this deadline.
Also by then the RV would have long occurred and the value will significantly rise. So the purchasing power of the lower denoms would have increased way beyond the 3 zero notes. Everyone is happy…right?  Wrong!
The terrorist will not be very happy since they are known to have large stashes of the 3 zero notes. How do they exchange these notes if they are now illegal tender in the Middle East?
They will try to cross boarders or fly to other developed countries and try exchange. By this time the value will be so high that just a 25k note will equal about $100,000 US dollars, which is way beyond the allowed international transport of any currency value through customs without special declaration.
Remember all the stories in the past about the airports being placed on high alert looking specifically for the Iraq dinar 3 zero notes? This is why and the customs officials and the TFA in USA have been trained to find these notes. Even your checked  baggage will be checked.
So my point is once the IQD value changes to any significant value DO NOT even think about flying international or on a domestic flights with your currency.
If found, it may mean jail time and/or a hefty penalty or maybe even complete confiscation of your currency. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ! DON’T BE STUPID!
Incidentally in today’s GOLDEN NUGGET they are telling us the time period we will have to exchange our currency at the banks. Read on and I will review this with you.
Today’s News
Today is Tuesday November 17th.  What? – Still No RV……lol….lol….
Seems everyone was fooled once again with all this misinformation about an immanent RV over this past weekend. Now it’s time to get serious about what is going on from this day forward. The process is moving ahead very quickly.
So let us get down to some real business today since this is very important the time is now that you should know this information.
So I am presenting this news from Iraq today from a resent article, the first GOLDEN NUGGET of the day.
Pay attention.
I quote from the article – “issuance of 50 thousand dinars category paves the way for the deletion of zeros from the currency, and among it will reduce the demand for the dollar”
So now they tell us how long we will have to exchange out our 3 zero notes. I quote from the article – “He explained Yasiri, that “issuance of 50 thousand dinars category, and our thinking by issuing 100 thousand dinars category is one of the preliminary steps for the project to delete the zeros”, adding that “the project to delete the zeros needs to be action extends for more than a year.”
Yes – that is beyond 1 year as their current proposal. They are still deciding how long and so I suspect they will tell us soon. Pay attention.
Why such a short period and why all the debate? It is about the terrorism and they do not want to have these 3 zero notes linger in circulation outside of Iraq for very long. It is plain and simple reason.
So does this fits in with what I just told you? Can you see what they are doing? Their words not mine.

NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.
Article Begins
Asumaria News / Baghdad
The Central Bank of Iraq, Sunday, that the issuance of 50 thousand dinars category paves the way for the deletion of zeros from the currency, and among it will reduce the demand for the dollar, he pointed out that there is no link to the financial crisis with the new version.
A member of the Board of Directors of the Bank Ihsan al-Yasiri in an interview with the program “a quarter of an hour,” which aired Alsumaria TV, “The issuance of 50 thousand dinars category and think about the issuance of 100 thousand dinars category is a project that is not fortuitous,
but put up since 2007,” attributing the release as ” there is a problem in banknotes sequence as the highest category of cash (25 thousand dinars) equal to $ 22 and are therefore inadequate for transactions. ”
The Yasiri, that “the issuance of the new currency will facilitate a lot of transactions, and will contribute to reducing the demand for the dollar, at least in transactions,” stressing that “no income for the government to issue category, not to project any connection with the financial crisis or deflation and inflation.”
He explained Yasiri, that “issuance of 50 thousand dinars category, and our thinking by issuing 100 thousand dinars category is one of the preliminary steps for the project to delete the zeros”, adding that “the project to delete the zeros needs to be action extends for more than a year.”
On the other hand, stressed Yasiri, “not to the federal government’s ability to withdraw funds from the reserve which is the cornerstone of the bank”, pointing at the same time to “the existence of alternative solutions to the financial crisis experienced by the country.”
The central bank announced (November 11, 2015) for issuing a new banknote category of 50 thousand dinars, attributing this to the completion of the Iraqi Securities monetary structure and the development of high value in the trading category
Article Ends
UU6835 –“Its Tuesday and all is moving forward very quickly “  by Mnt Goat
Next I am presenting an article (the second GOLDEN NUGGETs of the day) that came out in today’s news. This article is VERY informative and once again confirms all the news we have been hearing about the PURPOSE of the introduction of the 50k notes. ‘
It is amazing because the finance ministry is now in full cooperation with the CBI on this project (since the article is from them) and also because they are coming very directly out now and telling us what  is going to happen.
So let me make three important points:
First it tells us the 50k will be used to withdrawal the 10k and 25k notes from the market place.
Second it confirms the use of the 50k notes in the future and that they are not temporary (one time) and I quote from the article – “dealing will be closer to deal private dollars for businesses which use large amounts of money where it is most dealing in Iraqi dinars existence of 50 thousand class”
Third it tells us the 50k note is in reducing the trend towards the use of the dollar. In other words they want to get the US dollar out of circulation and the wide use of it, as it is 80-90% of the currency  now being used. But wait just one second – if they collect the 10k, 25k and US dollars, then  what will the citizens be using for money…..????ñ
BINGO !  –yes you guessed correctly since this answer should have been VERY apparent to everyone reading my news letters faithfully.
Now here is the answer – THEY ARE ABOUT TO LAUNCH THE LOWER DENOMINATIONS, they have to do this if they truly are going to launch these 50K  notes. Now I hope everyone believes me and fully understands how this is all going to workout.
And when they launch those LOWER DENOMINATIONS what must also happen?
BINGO !  –yes you guessed correctly since this answer should have been VERY apparent to everyone reading my news letters faithfully. Now here is the answer – THEY MUST GIVE THE DINAR A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN ITS VALUE or else the citizens will have absolutely no purchasing power and will need truck loads of the dinar to go to the market place.
Then we wait for the RV after they collect enough of the 10k, 25k and US dollars from circulation. We also have to wait for them to get enough of the lower denominations into the hands of the general public meaning in circulation.
See amazing article below. Can you tell Mnt Goat is VERY, VERY excited ?
Article Begins
November 17, 2015
Our economy / Baghdad  —  Detection of the Finance Committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, Tuesday, for the withdrawal of 25 thousand dinars compared to the category of the new category issued by the Central Bank, as he emphasized that the issuance of the fifty thousand category will make it easier to deal in Iraqi dinars at home to reduce the trend towards the dollar.
Mohammed said: Pentecostal group that issued by the Central Bank does not have any negative impact on fiscal policy in Iraq.
He stressed that the Iraqi currency dealing will be closer to deal private dollars for businesses which use large amounts of money where it is most dealing in Iraqi dinars existence of 50 thousand class.
He added that the issuance of this category will make it easier to deal in Iraqi dinars to be at home in the biggest turnout of the dollar, which have an impact on reducing the trend towards last.
He disclosed that a new class is issued by the central bank in return will withdraw the class 25 000 or 10 000.
Little, the central bank announced in November 201 511 for issuing banknotes category 50 000 dinars dimensions of 65 mm width, 156 mm length and predominantly light brown except Framework decorations that took bold color were printed using the superior quality of the printing paper with A number of security and the technical marks.
Article Ends
Article Begins
Baghdad -arac Press November -17: parliamentary Finance Committee revealed on Tuesday that the Central Bank of Iraq in connection with the introduction of new process category 100 000 dinars, noting that “the two categories of 50 100 thousand dinars, contain 13 feature, and that the possibility of fraud which is impossible.
He said the Commission’s decision Ahmed Haji Rashid, in a press statement, “After our meeting with the Central Bank of Iraq, we saw many of the new information on Currencies new categories of 50 100 thousand dinars,” In this year, will offer 50 class thousand dinars and in the next year will go category 100 000 dinars to the market. ”
Rashid said, “in the near future will be put towards the 5 trillion dinars from the category of 50 000 dinars for trading”.
And about the cost and the characteristics of these two new currencies, Haji Rashid Ahmed said, “Every one of these two currencies cost approximately about 6 cents, were printed by a German company, and has 13 feature, which makes the possibility of fraud where the impossible.”
The Central Bank of Iraq, announced Wednesday in November 2015 11 for issuing a new banknote fifty thousand Dinars category, in order to complete the Iraqi Securities monetary structure and the development of high value in the category Altdaol.anthy (1)
Article Ends
[Update: Abadi’s Reforms]
Yesterday parliament had the second reading of the 2016 budget law. They are telling us the want to complete the budget and pass it by the end of November. They seem to be on track to do this.
Article Begins
He added that the next reform would apply to the infrastructure of state institutions will also be an integral and complementary to what was fired from the reforms, pointing out that “reform is not only through the pack or two packages, but for other packages will be announced later.”
He newborn, that the ministerial and institutional limbering is necessary and important in this process, to pressure spending and address the sagging career.
He explained that the reform will be next in the restructuring of ministries and institutions, especially after the transfer of power to the many ministries to the provinces Maistojb restructuring of some ministries in the form that is best suited to the new situation in the division of powers with the provinces.
He newborn that length of time to launch new reforms have not yet been determined, there are committees made up of experts and specialists in the Prime Minister in charge of subjecting all ministries and institutions to very precise control program for the diagnosis place a bug where then raising them with periodic reports to the prime minister.
Article Ends
I present an article to you today on the IMF requesting that Iraq remove the subsidies on govt handouts.
Does this surprise you? Why would they need these handouts with a robust economy? It is time in 2016 to get off the post war assistance and move to a global economy. They fully expect the economy to take off in 2016.
Article Begins
Long-Presse / Baghdad  —  Condition of the International Monetary Fund removal of subsidies on electricity and the ration card to lend to the Iraqi government and to enable them to fill the projected shortfall in next year’s budget in 2016, while expressed “serious reservations” on the size of salaries paid by the government for the staff, he called on them to reconsider.
And see the members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, that the Fund conditions “are not new”, because it has already been put forward by the government during the debate on the previous budgets.
Previously, the International Monetary Fund, to give Iraq worth one billion and 250 million dollars in emergency aid, but Iraqi officials have reservations about the amount that said the government is seeking to borrow from the International Foundation which is based in Washington based.
And male parliamentarians, in an interview to the (long-Presse), last week, that the budget law includes a fictional loans exceeding $ 14 billion to close the deficit.
He says a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jabbar Abdul Khaliq, said in an interview to the newspaper (range), “The reservations of the International Monetary Fund revolve around sectors supported by the government, especially electricity and fuel and the ration card,” and suggests that “the fund wants to raise support for those sectors for lending Iraq”.
He adds Abdul Khaliq, that those “objections is not new as it had already put forward by the Fund on the Iraqi government during the discussion of the previous budgets with him, as a condition to facilitate the process of borrowing, but it did not take place because of the circumstances faced by the country.”
And on the negotiations conducted by Iraq, representatives of the Finance Ministries of Planning and oil, the Board of Control and the Central Bank, with the International Monetary Fund, explains a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, that “the IMF global institution sober you want to follow up on government spending and whether it adopts international standards.”
Reminds Member State of Law bloc parliamentary, to “end the basis of the removal of subsidies on those sectors, according to the IMF, is to ensure that the money that the government Stguetrdha to other sectors more important to spend,” and shows that “the International Monetary Fund is considering how to recover the money that Sakarzha for Iraq and she went not to the consumer sectors. ”
He continues, MP Abdul Khaliq, that “allocated for the ration card payments amounting to two billion and 500 billion dinars, and a little more what was allocated to the Ministry of Electricity in the next 2016 budget,” and asserts that “the International Monetary Fund expressed its reservation on the employees’ salaries, which weigh heavily on the budget.”
The International Monetary Fund announced on Saturday, (14th of current November 2015), the determination of the Council of Ministers amendment next year’s budget in 2016, in line with the macroeconomic framework of the program watched by the Fund.
But a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Jabbar Abdul Khaliq, “denies the government to withdraw the draft federal budget of the House of Representatives to make adjustments in line with the demands of the International Monetary Fund.”
To confirm that the other member of the parliamentary finance committee, Acadr Mohammed, that “the International Monetary Fund gave tips to the Iraqi government to increase financial support for electricity and fuel sectors, and the ration card, and demanded that spending commensurate with the size of their revenues.”
MP says Mohammed, in an interview to the newspaper (range), “The International Monetary Fund believes that Iraq might be able to overcome the financial crisis and pay off all its loans, if they reduced the size of the public spending”, and adds that “the IMF aims behind his reservations improve the performance of the Iraqi economy during the next year 2016 “.
Warns a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, of the consequences of “the continuation of the central bank dollar auction to sell the currency,” it is that it “threatens to fall in foreign exchange, which sees the International Monetary Fund’s reserves to be dangerous.”
Article Ends
Let’s now keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS-
“May there be a hedge of protection surrounding them and let the Victory be theirs against these evil doers who have no regard for humanity! We will pray until we see Victory! Amen “
All these prayers seem to be working.
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!  Peace and Luv To Ya All.

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