Friday, November 6, 2015


They now have a fixed currency already. They already tried floating their currency and put it back on a fix. They have done this many times already.
The problem is they are still technically in sanctions from Article 8 of the UN war sanctions against Iraq. Until they get their currency returned to them to the international/global arena they will remain in article 8, float or fixed it does not matter.
They need a “real” currency and not this play money.
What we are looking for is for them to tell us they are launching the lower denominations notes, or launching of the 50k / 100k notes or the continuing with the “project to delete the zeros” or the re-pricing the dinar against all international currencies and not just the US dollar.
Are they planning to go international?  Yes … the bottom line is they still have to do something with the currency first and they must realize eventually it is going international.

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