Friday, November 13, 2015


Martha:  I absolutely agree that everyone needs to calm down and stop beating yourselves up.

Whether it is today, Saturday or Sunday 11/15 it is happening and it is not stopping.

I am hearing that Everything will be completed by 11/22. It is our time, Iraq's time and the Whole World’s time.

Hold on to that knowledge. Realize who is providing this blessing and what they had to do to get us to this point.

Go back in history and seek the truth because without that we cannot go forward to correct what has been going on for thousands of years.

Take off those blinders and WAKE UP. I know It is tough to weed thru the lies and conspiracies but you need to be able to  so you can go forward.

Also, stop worrying about dates and rates. just think you would be getting nothing if the World hadn't jumped in.

By the way,  the Chinese don't like the number 13 because it makes "4" which is a "bad" number for them.(1+3=4)

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