Monday, November 16, 2015

MARTHA UPDATE : China is definitely in control of our destiny, 16 NOV

China is definitely in control of our destiny. - from Martha

I'm going to try and make sense of this new roll out of the RV.

I am hearing that we are in a 10 day window but when it started is either the 11th or the 15th.

The Chinese definitely have a plan; on the surface and behind the door so to speak.

On the surface,China will be a reserve currency. It is a done deal and the vote on November 30th is only for show and tell.

Are we waiting for the 30th? NO. The IMF got it's plan B whether modified or not isn't of importance.

What is important is that the Renminbi  is already in play and the Yuan is in the first basket.
With these facts and CIPS in play 100%.

Are we waiting for bank bail in's. IMO- NO, there won't be bank crashes.   China already took care of the derivatives.

Gold and oil: now that is interesting. China is implementing a world gold standard. Not sure if gold will drop further but definitely should be part of your portfolio plus silver and the real stuff, not futures on paper.

Okay, now the "numbers ".numerology is still in play and based on past dates, this is very important.

11/22 is the ultimate number and the Iraq RV was officially 4/22/2015. This will be the 7th month anniversary. BUT will it be a repeat day of sorts. Will we have to wait till then to go to the  bank or will it be a  back wall of completion?

I read over again Zap and Susan and 2 things stuck out. One was the 10 day window and the paragraph about the 800# which Susan signed " Thanksgiving ".

Was this a clue that we will be in the banks before Thanksgiving? Well at least she didn't sign it merry Christmas!

Well, pending Tony's call today, I would still say that any moment, any day is in play.

Iraq is ready, the banks are ready around the world and now China will initiate the date!
We know the rates and we know who is supporting them. Be ready for in a moment we will be there.

P.s. I'm not sure if oil will be going down to 30.00 per barrel but China is buying it at 20.00 and the tankers are lined up in Houston to take it.

The new pipeline between Vietnam and China may not be in play yet but China needs oil as well as other commodities that we hold.

I won't give a stock tip but I will suggest you watch is a company listed as PetroChina.

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