Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Martha11/4/2015 04:30:55

China is paying for this RV. You will have a street rate, international rate, market rate and contract rates.

The dong has always had a better rate of return. Vietnam is a very strong country financially in assets and GDP. Contract rates are 6.00-20.00..market rates are over 2.00 and the international rate maybe, also 2.00 and settle there.

The dinar will be 3.00 plus with market rates up to 9.00 ,contract rates will be higher up to 38.00.Rupiah may be a surprise with a high market rate of 9.00.Indonesia, like Vietnam is another very strong country.

At this point, all rates are still re-calculating in the system.

It is not easy to just load 198 countries with changes at the same time. Also, the currency markets buy and sell all day thus hedging their values
Most traders don't even realize what is about to happen with the revalue themselves.

Some countries, in the baskets will actually devalue based on GDP, inflation, deflation and keeping interest rates in balance.

The Rial should come out at 3.00 plus close to IQD international rate.

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