Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I was reading some information from last night and realized that the month of November could be setting up for a December 2 total release to the world.
Look at it this way……Every month since April 22  I have been told that we have been given a 10 day window to exchange before the public.
If you remember the government in Baghdad was being paid on the 28th, and now they were paid this month on the 22nd.
The 29th of any month in the Arab world is a day to move money and release new money.
Of course are we waiting on this?  IMO NO because  we are very educated and following this closely ….so we are not the public.
Now 11/30 is the vote on the Remnibi.Are we waiting for this? NO,  this is a done deal and the Remnibi is already in the basket as a floating reserve currency….The vote is more for show and tell to the world.
Currency baskets move all the time but I am hearing this first basket is already in motion with 9 currencies that we know of.
On Dec 2, I am also hearing that the Iranian rial will be able to be exchanged.The rial is a re-instatement of the currency.It is not in the basket.
Okay,next…. the UN operational report is now due for 11/27 for the 29th. We should see the rate changes.  Now, will we  see the 11/20 change or will it be just across the board?
Like I have  talked about before, the USD is due for review on 12/20.

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