Friday, November 27, 2015


Frank26:  “Can we talk?”
I made this post for those not able to join us in TEAM CHAT tonight.
The cooperation of THE CITIZENS is a KEY for DECEMBER.
What IF You could talk to DRS?
Months with us have shown You TEAMS do.
What IF You could talk to THE CITIZENS?
Then You would have SERIOUS understanding of ………. DECEMBER.
What IF You could talk to M?
Then You could talk to the animals.
M was dismantled in 2015.
This is not Custer’s Last Stand.
It’s M in Iran that will tell him ………… You now have a ticket to ride to the ICC ……. USA paid for it……. BOZO !!!
LOL !!! ………. Can You tell it’s been 72 PLUS hours since I have last TALKED. MUCH as been files with our TEAMS. Our cheeks are loaded like a squirrel preparing for a winter in …………… DECEMBER !!!
We are done with #3 and #4 …………. Hence we go in the next direction of DRS’s MR for DECEMBER next with some SERIOUS ……… Talk and Walk.
KTFA   Frank
Walkingstick:   Progress of development policies Institute is hosting tomorrow’s central bank governor to discuss monetary policy
2015/11/27 14:15 •  [Baghdad-where]
the progress of development policies Institute hosts on Saturday Governor of the Central Bank for the purpose of discussing monetary policy.
According to a statement of the Institute received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it “will be hosting the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords tomorrow in the Institute building at 10:30 am to talk about monetary policy and the reserve is located, and other files related.”
He added that the symposium which will join the elite of finance and economy experts.

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