Monday, November 23, 2015


Fr. trader said:I am a member of a Forex trading group. I get trade alerts. This was sent out late last night to all their Forex membership:

Surprise Fed Announcement   22, November 2015 11:07 pm EDT

FX Update

The Federal Reserve has scheduled a surprise announcement for tomorrow. This is abnormal and the last time we saw a scenario like this one was all the way back in late-2012. At that time, the Fed in conjunction with other central banks extended US dollar liquidity swaps. There is speculation that the Fed may be announcing a rate hike at this meeting tomorrow!

It is important to understand that this was an unscheduled news conference. It is likely to fuel volatility into U.S. Dollar pairs whatever the announcement. We would not be surprised if they use this holiday shortened (Thanksgiving) week to hike rates by 0.25 bps! Stay tuned...

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