Sunday, November 8, 2015


11-8-2015   Newshound Guru firefly   Reuters quote:  "The need to protect the constitution and the law must not be used by the legislative or any other authority to circumvent or delay the reform steps," Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said through an aide."   Iraq’s Sistani warns parliament not to circumvent reforms. Combine the US congress, the Senate and our commander and chief and they still don't come close to the power of Sistani.  Have to remember the mindset of the ME region...1st comes Religion Then the government.   So far, EVERYTHING Sistani has demanded has been DONE. They have run out of time IMO. Anything is possible now!  I like what I'm seeing!  We have never seen this kind of movement in Iraq...ever.  (This is Reuters folks!  Reuters is a very respected news source world wide with a reputation to uphold. They don't put out misinformation. Forex also gets their feed from Thomas Reuter.  Reuters was also the 1st paper to tell the world about Kuwait.) 

11-8-2015   Intel Guru Frank26
   The EAGLE HAS LANDED!  IOSO (in our strong opinion) the LD’s have left the US and the Kurds should be happy with their language on them. And wait until you see the coins. With the LD’s they are Article 8 qualified which will mean they will only be using their own currency...no more USD’s we believe that Dr. Shabibi will tell the world. We believe that he will continue to supervise everything...  When Iraq amends their laws...the open market economy can begin.  This won’t happen at 1166. There is no point of a market economy at 1166.  Abadi is on the move with the monetary reform as of NOW!  The month of November will become one to remember.  IMO we are extremely close!   [post 3 of 3]
11-8-2015   Intel Guru Frank26   We talked with iTeam and they thought it was interesting that the former Secretary of State said that they were guarding some currency and then 1-2 days later they moved them!  They moved the Lower Denoms!   (IMO)Chronologically things are moving according to plan. YESTERDAY it happened again. Sastani was on Iraqi TV...he was calling out parliament...talking directly to the camera...telling them to stop the procrastination and implement the reforms now!  There was a meeting on the 5th between us (USA) the IMF and Iraq...and the 5 Trillion...which is not a loan...it’s the LD’s!  We think that by December that the banks will have the money to “loan” to the citizens.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

11-8-2015   Intel Guru Frank26   THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!  The LOWER DENOMS are no longer in the United States (IMO)...they have moved  When the Arabs hear their holy man...they listen. When Sastani started to talk to the citizens and to the GOI things started to move...laws were moved along...voting done...in record time. Now the HCL comes to the surface...especially the 4th part that will help the citizens.  The Iraq Cleric came out about 2 -3 days ago and said on the TV...broadcast into the mosque...verified by our Teams and [Guru] Delta...the Iraqi Clerics are DEMANDING the reforms!

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