Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Delete the zeros of encouraging the flow of funds towards the inside, 10 NOV

Lots of talk about all things financial today I think that is pretty positive

10/11/2015 0:00 
 BAGHDAD - Imad Emirate
confirmed an academic economist and an expert on the process of deleting the zeros are not economic impacts him in the cash value of the currency but is a procedure for re-grading and changed.
Said Dr. Abdul-Hussein Jalil Ghalibi from the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Kufa, that the spillover which can feel about in the long run it will encourage the investors' capital flow towards the inside of the expectation of low inflation, returned this thing that depends on the government's ability in establishing the ultimate effect of the deletion of zeros.
He noted that changing the currency and delete the zeros of which is just a re-calibration or calibrator does not mean never lifted value The addition of zeros is not a reduction of the value of the currency, and that changing the currency does not exist has a real economic impact because the change will not increase the gross domestic product, which is the standard which is used to measure the production of goods and services in the country.
He said Ghalibi: The change of the currency does not affect productivity because factors governed by major resources, technology and institutions are not affected by the currency change, explaining that this change does not affect the purchasing power of money because the strength of the currency comes from increased demand in exchange for the money supply. As long as the purchasing power, the demand for the currency does not change does not change, as well as the money supply does not change.
He Ghalibi that the deletion of zeros does not entitle monetary institutions and the Central Bank as the authority responsible for the release to print more money and pumped into the economy, but he restricted including existing cash in the replacement process. He went on saying: either the external sector, the position will not also be affected, because the price of exports will continue to be the same without changing the payments spent on imports are not affected because foreign exchange is disbursement of foreign exchange for the local currency, which remains unchanged because the purchasing power of the currency does not change.
It was concluded d. Ghalibi that the direct economic impact on the micro and macro economy would be zero, as the demand and supply of goods and services does not change, as well as the investment of net government spending and balance of payments and consumption will not infect any change.
He either money markets are no other economic effect can be felt on the variables. The prices of assets remains selected in the first and secondary markets but it goes down to reflect the new structure after deletion of zeros.
He concluded d. Ghalibi to the nominal value of the money used to acquire assets will be adjusted in the light of this, and that the ultimate effect would be zero making and trading and commercial value, indicators and other market market capitalization subject to the same mechanism by deleting the same zeros.
He reiterated that the effect is direct and which can palpation over the long term will encourage the flow of capital towards the inside and that foreign investors will put more confidence in the investment climate, which will improve with time in the country. The rush to put their money in the local financial markets awaiting returns largest departing from the basic assumption centered on low inflation and improved macroeconomic policies, and this also depends on the possibilities of the government in establishing the ultimate effect in the long run

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