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​We Stopped The Embezzlement Of $ 2 Billion Dinars In One Of The Ministries
The spokesman of the Integrity Committee in Parliament MP Adel Nouri, on Wednesday, said the Commission, seeking to uncover more cases of corruption and manipulation of the Iraqi money, while noting the discovery of embezzlement of $ 2 billion dinars in one of the ministries.
And between Nuri he told a special statement "our economy" news that "one of the ministries and through the liquidation of final accounts attempted embezzlement of 2 billion dinars, and according to the receipts and regular".
"The Commission immediately suspended all financial instruments and procedures related to the ministry," explaining, "We formed a committee of embezzlement in connection with the follow-up process and expose the corrupt and bring them to the courts."
He noted that "the information we receive today seemed to the committee after we we are pursuing."  LINK
 Stevel:  Well now, this should sure help the deficit in the next budget of 2016. Keep looking boys, I am sure you fill find a lot more. 2 Billion just blows my mind as to how this can even happen. Let me guess, Maliki was the one that set the example and they all just followed their ex-leader.   Steve
Urgent International Control Of The Road Between Sinjar Syrian And Tenderness
2015/11/12 9:56   [Baghdad - where]
Peshmerga forces imposed, on Thursday, its control of the international road between Sinjar, west of Mosul, the city of Raqqa in Syria.
A security source told all of Iraq [where], that "Peshmerga forces have made progress and freed a number of areas in the district of Sinjar, also took control of the mountain overlooking the Kabara international highway with the city of Raqqa in Syria."
The massive operation was launched this morning from three axes for the Liberation of Sinjar actually on the main highway linking the cities of Mosul and tenderness two gangs Daash terrorist stronghold in Iraq and Syria.
The aim of the operation as the Kurdistan Security Council says, to "encircle the town and control the supply of Daash lines and create a buffer zone to protect the town from artillery fire."
The attack, which supports the participation of 20 000 of the Peshmerga air strikes by the international coalition led by the US Altdh.anthy
11:00: 11/12/2015   Khandan - continue to provide the Peshmerga forces to liberate the city from the terrorists Chenkal "Daash" in all axes, and managed to impose full control over the main road leading from Chenkal to Syria.
Marine 1:   Territorial control by ISIS is shrinking all over Iraq. FINALLY!.....This is truly huge news......no doubt about it......ISIS is not expanding in IRAQ
Stevel:  So far, this is one if the best articles this month. Once they control Mosul, then we have a very good chance of seeing this before the first of the year or just into the next year.

CBI Issues New 50,000 Bank Note
BAGHDAD / Obelisk: publish 'obelisk' image of the new banknote category (50) thousand dinars, issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday.
Mainly the new category with light brown to include a number of security and technical signs, the paper also included pictures of planning to paddle wheel and Euphrates marshes of Iraq.
The central bank said in a statement, said that 'for the purpose of completing the Iraqi banknotes structure and the development of high-class value in circulation, the Central Bank of Iraq is pleased to announce to the public the Holy issuing banknotes category (50000) dinars (fifty thousand dinars) dimensions of 65 mm width 0.156 mm length, predominantly light brown except Framework motifs taken bold color ', noting that' banknote was printed using high-quality paper from printing quality with a number of security and technical marks
Stevel:   To make this post clear, Iraq has been talking about this and educating the people for the past 6 months or so that this was only a temporary measure to stop the massive counterfeiting of the 25K and 10K notes that ISIS and others have produced.
The citizens understand that once the value changes and the three zeros are dropped, then they will be turning in these notes for the final more valuable notes.
This new note from what we have been told is extremely hard to counterfeit and will stop that dead in its tracks. Excellent move as it will draw in all of the 25K and 10K notes inside Iraq and this has nothing with the good notes outside of Iraq that we hold.
Once Mosul is fully under control, I see this changing value fairly quickly, most likely when the 2016 budget is officially put into place. Excellent progress and the end is very near.    Have a safe holiday.  Steve

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