Friday, October 2, 2015

Where are we? from Martha, 2 OCT

Where are we?  from Martha

Everyone needs to sit back and take a chill pill!.  I saw a statement regarding  zap.

Please, everyone needs to re- read the last notice on September 30th.We are all set to go.

For months, Zap has been posting information that most feel is bogus.

Maybe it is time to wake up and start believing what is going on. There has been a plan to fix what ails this planet and halt the corruption.

China is not going bankrupt nor are several other emerging countries.

This is all part of the plan to get rid of the fiat currency and start an asset backed currency world . Believe me that Iraq more than ready.

I believe the US has lost their control of Iraq .

Yesterday, Iraq, Iran and Russia formed a military alliance to go after the militants.

We will be getting our RV. We are waiting for the announcements as Zap said. Also realize that it should be now.

China's banks and markets are closed till 10/7 for a National Holiday.

The bulk of the funding is supposed to be released for the pp's. This will take months and years to distribute  but it is my understanding that the assets for the rv have already been released to the banks.

Again, IMO everyone needs to read Zap and listen to conference calls from Landa Global
It is time to lose those blinders to what is really going on in the world. The "good guys "are winning. Be ready and be prepared. The time is now.   Martha

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